Body massage with a brush

Body massage with a brush
Increase blood circulation in the tissues, make the skin more elastic, elastic and tight can the most simple massage with a dry brush. A great tool for regular stimulation of the skin of the body is an ordinary bath brush made of natural stiff bristles. It has a very beneficial effect on the skin and increases the elasticity of all tissues.

You will need
  • A special brush made of natural bristles with a fairly long and comfortable handle.
Massage the brush with the feet. For convenience, put your foot on a higher surface, this could be the edge of the bathroom or the bed. Start massaging the soles from the fingertips themselves and to the heel itself. Now move up to the spawn of the legs, gradually move to the hips and buttocks. Be sure to pay attention to your problem areas. Carefully massaging all the places where there is cellulite, it is desirable repeatedly.

Now massage the upper body – it's hands and palms. Then massage your back and shoulders. The anterior wall of the abdomen is a particularly sensitive area. Remember about this and massage it especially neatly. At the end of the massage, massage the lower part of the body in the groin area with light circular motions.

It is very important to massage the entire body. Your movements during this self-massage should be strong enough and strong, but do not overdo it. Massage should not cause you a bright red and irritation. The skin should only grow brown. Do not massage on wet or wet skin. You can stretch it, from this it will only hang in some places. Brush for massage should be only dry, and the skin of the body should also be dry. The optimal time for such a massage is morning or evening, before taking a bath or shower.

Try to make this procedure as effective as possible. To do this, do as much movement as possible, with a strong push. Start with a little pressure on the brush, gradually increase it, once your skin has become accustomed to new sensations. Soon you will find that you can withstand a very strong brush pressing on the skin, but first try not to overdo it.

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