Blepharoplasty. What threatens the plastic of the upper and lower eyelid?

Blepharoplasty. What threatens the plastic of the upper and lower eyelid?
Блефаропластика – это пластическая операция по коррекции формы века. Во время данной процедуры иссекаются избытки кожного покрова и жировых отложений, улучшается общий вид лица, оно выглядит значительно моложе, пропадает отечность.
Самые распространенные жалобы клиентов пластических хирургов и косметологов – это наличие морщин, обвисшего века, мешков под глазами. Все эти проблемы очень хорошо устраняются при помощи пластики. Во многих случаях к врачу могут обращаться и молодые девушки, желающие исправить форму глаз. В некоторых случаях неправильная форма глаз может серьезно испортить зрение.

Correction of the upper eyelid by surgery is used in the case of ptosis, which can occur as a result of age-related pathology.

With the correction of the lower eyelid, the bags under the eyes are removed, and the lowering of the skin is eliminated. At the same time, the doctor tries not to remove wrinkles from the operated area. When stretching the skin, there can be a great risk of eyelid deformation.

The operation is performed under general or local anesthesia, and its total duration rarely exceeds one hour. The patient does not feel any unpleasant sensations due to blepharoplasty. In addition, modern medicine allows the use of seamless eye correction. All necessary operational measures are carried out by the laser.

Через микроскопический разрез удаляется необходимое количество жировой ткани.

As with any other intervention, blepharoplasty has its contraindications. It should not be performed in the presence of many chronic health problems, in particular, thyroid pathology, any infections, chronic pathologies, especially in the acute stage, blood and hemopoietic pathologies, changes in intraocular pressure (glaucoma), diabetes mellitus in decompensation stage, any oncological diseases at all stages of the development of the process, skin diseases of any etiology and degree of development, diseases of the cardiovascular system, conjunctivitis of various stages of development.

When deciding on blepharoplasty, it must be remembered that this is still a serious intervention, and all the pros and cons of such an operation should be weighed.

В случае отсутствия противопоказаний при грамотно проведенной операции побочные эффекты и негативные последствия встречаются редко. Тем не менее, как и при любом оперативном вмешательстве, осложнения возможны.

The most common side effect is swelling in the area of ??plastic surgery. Usually it leaves after 1-2 days. There may also be increased tearing (if tear ducts are affected), subcutaneous hematomas (eliminated by puncture). Pain syndromes are usually practically absent. And, of course, allergic reactions to medications are possible. These include, for example, ectropion – pulling the lower eyelid down. It may occur time or after surgery. Corrected by gymnastics or massage, in some cases, repeated surgery may be required.

Another possible complication is a retrobulbar hematoma. This is a trauma of the soft tissues of the orbit of the eye. With such a trauma, the eye appears to protrude, lose mobility, and increase intraocular pressure. Nausea, slowing of the pulse and other symptoms are possible. Treatment is carried out under the supervision of an ophthalmologist.

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