Biorevitalization for a fresh look

Biorevitalization for a fresh look
The procedure of biorevitalization perfectly copes with the removal of bags and dark circles in the zone under the eyes. But not only the lower eyelids are the treatment area for such an injection procedure.

Biorevitalization helps to fight wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, which we call "goose paws," and these wrinkles, unfortunately, can already be formed by 20 years and here biorevitalization has an antioxidant effect. The result from the procedure is seen almost instantly, for several days.

In the process of biorevitalization, hyaluronic acid acts on tissues and their regeneration. It can stay in the skin for a long time and interact with cell receptors, one molecule Hyaluronic acid detains around itself about 400 water molecules. The biorevitalization itself can be compared with mesotherapy, and the most effective.

This injection procedure, like the prevention of aging, can begin to be performed from 25 years, the cosmetologist will make an individual course, usually 4 procedures with a gap of several weeks. The duration of the procedure is 20-30 minutes.

After biorevitalization, there are a number of limitations: two weeks are not recommended heating procedures, solarium, sunbathing. But if you have allergic reactions to the drug, chronic diseases, acute herpetic infection, then the procedure is strictly contraindicated to you.

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