Best masks for growth of eyebrows

Best masks for growth of eyebrows
In fashion, then thin, then wide eyebrows. Fashion changes very quickly. But how to be, if after plucking hair began to grow slowly? It is necessary to accelerate their growth through nutrient masks.

Сделать маску для ускорения роста бровей очень просто. Смешайте около 5 мг миндального масла с одной капсулой витаминов “Аевит”. Полученную смесь перелейте в небольшой бутылек или в старый и тщательно промытый флакон из-под туши для ресниц. Наносите витаминизированное масло на брови несколько раз в день.

For the growth of eyebrows helps and compress of calendula. Buy already prepared tincture or make it yourself from dry raw materials (fill the grass with alcohol in the ratio 1: 10 and insist a day). Dilute the alcohol tincture with warm boiled water in half. Saturate the wadded disks and attach them to the eyebrows for 20 minutes. After the procedure, thoroughly wash with warm water and apply oil.

If you do not want to mix anything, mix and insist, then buy a special mask for eyebrow growth. It can be written on it that it improves the growth of eyelashes, but this does not mean that it can not be applied to the eyebrows. Read the instructions and start the application safely. The visible result will appear after a few weeks of use.

Принимайте витаминные комплексы. При поступлении в организм всех необходимых питательных веществ рост волос и ногтей активизируется, а маски для роста бровей помогут закрепить результат.

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