Benefits of the procedures of the Japanese bath ofuro. Its properties

Benefits of the procedures of the Japanese bath ofuro. Its properties
Ofuro is a traditional Japanese home bath. It is a large barrel inside which there is a seat. A person sits down on him in such a way that the water reaches only the level of the heart. A special cap, moistened with cool water, is put on the head. Ofuro is not just a process of washing the body from dirt, it is a whole ritual in which the bodily shell and soul. Before visiting the bath you need to take a shower. Then you can sit down in the first barrel, where the water has a temperature of about 35 ° C. Usually 10-15 minutes is enough to warm up.

Then follows a visit to the barrel filled with water with the addition of sea salt or essential oils. The temperature rises already up to 45 ° C. Dissolved in water additives penetrate the body through the open pores after rinsing and provide a health, preventive and rejuvenating effect. At this time, massage of the face, neck and shoulders will be useful.

The third barrel is filled with heated linden or cedar sawdust also with the addition of essential oils and medicinal dried herbs, which can be forty kinds. Sawdust acts on the skin as a scrub, cleansing it of dead cells, opening access to oxygen and activating the process of cell regeneration. Sawdust absorbs all the negative energy of a person, therefore they are used once. In return, they give away fresh and clean energy.

Wood chips have the ability to affect the cleavage of fat deposits, so that the skin is leveled and excess weight is lost.

Hot essential oils, herbs and tree vapors penetrate deep into the skin, eliminating the existing inflammatory processes. Cedar sawdust contains antioxidants that help maintain tonus, youthful skin and a healthy complexion. Also they are able to increase immunity, provide preventive action against influenza, ARVI, cardiovascular diseases.

В четвертой бочке человека засыпают прогретой морской галькой, которая оказывает массажный эффект на все тело. Такая процедура помогает в лечении болезней позвоночника. Японцы считают, что камни положительно влияют на энергетику человека, очищая его душу.

After visiting all four barrels it will be useful to massage the body with hard mittens. Such a massage will remove dead skin particles, enhance the blood supply of tissues and organs.

Such a complex of medical procedures makes a person cheerful, healthy and rejuvenated. And this applies not only to the body, but also to the soul. The excess weight goes away, harmful substances are released in the form of toxins and toxins, the mood improves, the strength is restored.

При посещении офуро организм человека посредством выделения большого количества пота обезвоживается. Поэтому после процедур необходимо восполнить недостаток жидкости, выпив зеленого чая и отдохнув, лежа на кушетке, в специальной комнате. Сейчас национальная японская баня офуро хорошо известна и любима не только в Японии, но и во многих европейских странах.

Противопоказаний к японской бане не так много. Не рекомендуется посещение офуро в период обострения любых хронических заболеваний; страдающим эпилепсией, туберкулезом; беременным женщинам, детям в возрасте до 3 лет. Людям же, имеющим проблемы с сердечно-сосудистой системой ходить в такую баню можно, но нужно ограничить время нахождения в бочках и сухих ваннах.

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