Benefit and harm of horse shampoo for people

Benefit and harm of horse shampoo for people
The use of horse shampoo for people can be called a fashion trend of the modern world of beauty. The benefits of this tool are told us by numerous print publications, commercials and the recognition of the stars of show business. The main advantages of horse shampoo – the appearance of shine, strength and volume of hair. However, few people know that the effect is not guaranteed, and in some cases horse shampoo is not recommended at all. We will tell a little information about what is the wonderful effect of horse shampoo, which so pleases women.

The main advantage is the high content of such components as silicone and collagen. The substances reliably envelop each hair, due to which there is shine, smoothness and noticeably some weighting of the hair. It is these components that give the hairstyle an extra volume at the roots of the hair.

Шелковистость локонам придает другой элемент, входящий в состав лошадиного шампуня – ланолин. Этот компонент присутствует практически в каждом профессиональном бальзаме для волос.

Use horse shampoo with extreme caution.

First, be sure to test for allergic reactions (by analogy checking the hair dye).

Secondly, if you have thick and heavy hair, then horse shampoo will weight them even more. The agent is most effective for owners of fine hair.

The third important point – never use horse shampoo if you have fragile hair prone to loss. The structure of the hairs will change, will be more severe and they will fall out even more.

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