Beauty Recipes: moisturize and smooth the skin texture with new technologies and proven means

Beauty Recipes: moisturize and smooth the skin texture with new technologies and proven means
Every day our skin undergoes the most serious tests: gas contamination, wind, sun, frost. It is very important to choose the right means to maintain it in the best condition. The very first rule is moisturizing.

Some do not even think how to take care of it properly. It would Seem, only it is necessary to wash two times a day, to put a cream and all is ready. And in many cases it is really so. But more often girls see from TV screens, in magazines of dazzlingly beautiful actresses and secular lionesses with an ideal, velvety skin. How can this be achieved?

Kate Moss – British supermodel and actress

For example, Kate Moss is considered the model with the best skin. Of course, it's not just about proper care, but also about the climate of England, the girl's homeland. Regular rain, fog and humidity are not the most pleasant weather, but for the skin – it's paradise. However, according to the actress herself, all the resources that once her skin gave nature, ever come to an end. Now Kate 42 year, and she already uses the means to moisturize the skin.

В самый разгар fashion show Кейт поделилась, как увлажняет кожу. Она считает, что это важно делать особенно в период постоянного стресса и недосыпа, сопровождающих мировые показы моды. Англичанка отмечает, что доверяет проверенным средствам, но и не забывает тестировать новые уникальные разработки. В частности, она использует ночную увлажняющую сыворотку.

Serum for moisturizing the skin

What is so good about serum? Take, for example, a serum concentrate such as Kiehl's "Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate". It is based on "liquid serum". This is a new technology that allows you to penetrate the stratum corneum of the epidermis, saturate the skin with moisture and permanently keep it inside, thereby smoothing out small wrinkles.

Это совершенно новый продукт в мире косметологии. Примечателен и его состав. Это самое подходящее сочетание продуктов: 15% растительного глицерина и экстракт листьев шисо (периллы). Клинически доказано, что глицерин притягивает влагу, а листья шисо помогают удерживать ее в течение суток.

Concentrate Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate

Serum should be used regularly and applied to cleansed skin. Over time, you can evaluate the result, watching how the skin was moistened, the first signs of aging were leveled, the traces of fatigue decreased and the texture was smoothed out. The face will look healthy, with a natural complexion.

And two more words about smooth skin. Almost every girl knows a problem like loose skin. Many girls rashly rush to take radical measures and resort to the help of plastic surgery. But the texture of the skin can be smoothed. There are special smoothing masks that can be used both in a cosmetology room and at home.

When you need to moisturize the skin

The first "call" to the fact that the skin is time to moisturize, is the situation when after washing you feel a feeling of tightness for 15 minutes. If no measures are taken to moisturize, the skin becomes loose and you need to immediately smooth out the texture, to avoid premature wrinkles. There are several basic rules, but most importantly – do not forget to drink 2 liters of pure still water a day.

Организм самостоятельно может распределять влагу по телу. Кожа может стать сухой при умывании с мылом. Вместо него стоит регулярно пользоваться кремами, подходящими вашему типу кожи и не забывать очищать кожу специальными лосьонами. Для комбинированной кожи подойдет пенка с календулой, бестселлер в косметическом мире от Kiehl’s. Существует великое множество увлажняющих кремов (для лица, для кожи вокруг глаз), лосьонов, пенок для умывания, но стоит выбирать только проверенные, уникальные средства. Летом перед выходом на солнце пользуйтесь кремом с SPF 30, по возвращении домой не забудьте смыть остатки и воспользоваться успокаивающем кожу кремом.

Крем для кожи вокруг глаз с авокадо – Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

От сухости эффективно помогает обрызгивание кожи термальной водой, и по утрам и/или вечерам аккуратное протирание лица кубиком льда, замороженным с настоями разных трав. Но есть и давно проверенные средства, которые в каждой семье передаются из поколения в поколение: домашняя маска из 1-ого желтка, 1-ой чайной ложки оливкового масла и 1-ой ложки сока апельсина.

If you are on vacation or live in a city with an ideal ecology, use moisturizing agents 2 times a week, at the rest of the day, just wash yourself with clean water.

Returning from hot countries or permanently living in a big city, your skin especially needs moisturizing and nourishment. And there is a solution in the form of whey, creams and other products. But do not forget about other nutrition. The famous dermatologist Allam Geyer claims that one of the main causes of dry skin is the lack of vitamins. To help creams and serums cope with the dryness of the skin, take vitamin E, fish oil and linseed oil, they moisturize the skin from the inside well.

The myth of glycerin

Some representatives of the fair sex are afraid to use such a component as glycerin in the autumn and winter seasons, because they believe that it attracts moisture and freezes on the skin of the face on freezing temperatures. But this is a myth. The fact is that the composition of the serum is not water in its pure form, but a special emulsion, in other words, oil water. And besides, at body temperature 36.6 glycerin does not freeze on the face, it contradicts the laws of physics. So you can use serumKiehl'swinter and summer without fear.