Beauty Products Make you fat


A new study done by doctors at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York declared that beauty products and household products increase the chances of getting overweight.


The study claimed that 70% of the beauty products, including shampoo, body lotions and soaps, contained phthalates — a dangerous chemical ingredient, which disturbs the hormone system as a result of which the probability of childhood obesity and weight troubles becomes higher in mature stage.


The study was based on the conclusion made after taking the urine samples of the inner city area girls. The samples measured their contact to phthalates.


Professor Philip Landrigan, Paediatrician and the study author, commented that the urine test proved that most of the overweight girls had the highest levels of phthalates in their urine.


He affirmed that Bisphenol, another chemical which was present in most of the containers, also added to the risk because the chemical calories were fully consumed by the body.


Zoe Harcombe, Nutritionist and an Author of the Obesity Epidemic, added that as compared to men these chemicals easily get messed up in women genetic hormones and cause lots of disturbances, similar to those that might occur during the menopause or at puberty.


She adds, “For someone trying to lose weight, even the smallest amount interruption to hormone levels is a very bad news”.



Source : NewsTonight

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  1. I am not sure how the report reflects on the effects of these skincare and toiletries items on men, and boys. Either way, I am not fat and so, I always take such studies with a pinch of salt.

  2. A question is this: these cosmetics have been used for many many years by women, and sometimes, even by men too. Are these users necessarily even fat to begin with? It reminds me of the same case study based on random selections of people in which they associate mineral oil usage (for body lotions) with cancer, but dermatologists have reacted against this study, saying that there is no real direct medical proof for the link between mineral oil and cancer, especially when cosmetic and pharmaceutical grades mineral oil are very different from its original form in the earth.

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