Beauty of the soul and body!

Beauty of the soul and body!
Many of us, as a rule, come across issues that are in force to change our lives. For example, especially in the life of girls, there is a choice "Beauty of the soul or body." Do not confuse the beauty of the face with the beauty of the spiritual world. You need to be able to combine the beauty of the body and soul. Only then can we become successful and happy. Only then can we justify the hopes of our loved ones. But we must remember that it is not only beauty, but also many other circumstances in life.

Beauty. The meaning of this concept is not known to everyone and not everyone can correctly use it. We need to recognize that the "spiritual" beauty of a person should develop from an early childhood, a crochet. Of course, the most important role for this is played by parents. Everyone knows that psychology development of the child – depends on the actions of the parents. If parents often swear, do not look after the child and Live in in themselves, then we know that the child will grow strong both spiritually and physically, but not in a good way. And if the parents take a lot of care of their child, they love and give him more attention than should be given, the child can grow up weak (mentally). Because a child, even if he grew up, he understands that it depends on the parents, he will not have his own opinion, he always and everywhere is looking for parents. We do not live forever. And it is worth remembering that to kid Of course you need love and affection from your parents. But do not go over all boundaries. We must educate the child so that he grows self-confident. And he should give a chance, speak and consult with him. That the child was independent and was able to make decisions correctly. And you can not blame the child for everything, even if the child is not right, do not scream and scold. It is best to solve everything peacefully and calmly explain everything. After all, because of the cries, a child may get scared, or worse get used to these cries, and in the future behave the same way. So, we found out that the first step to beauty is upbringing.
Parents are your most important fans

Шаг 2. Подростки. Когда мы являемся подростками, как факт, в этот этап жизни мы совершаем много ошибок чем когда-либо. У нас появляется личные проблемы, интересы и т.д. У нас появляется зависть. Одноклассница купила новую сумку, фирменную. И что дальше? Мы тоже хотим. Думаем чем мы хуже ее и начинаем беспокоить родителей.
We have a new test in life, "love." Love is a beautiful word, but it sounds like. We fall in love, rejoice, weep. And at this stage of life, "beauty" – plays an important role.
What to do to to become beautiful soul and body? We must do everything. The main thing is to believe in yourself, and do not make mistakes. Here are the 10 rules to the success and beauty that I have made:
1) Do not gossip. It's a sin. Do not humiliate a person. Do not think if you can humiliate someone with all that you will become the coolest in class. It's probably like bad guys, а хорошим, которые будут верным мужом и другом, это может не понравится.
2) Do not be available. You should be reached by those whom you want. And do not be excessively inaccessible. Give people a chance to get to know you better.
3) Respect someone else's opinion.
4) Do not get confused in fashion or style. Do not overdo it.
5) Let you have good friends. And be for someone a true friend. Always help your friends, and do not get hurt.
6) Умейте делится советами. Ведь тогда вы будете смотреться в других глазах умной и успешной.
7) Learn. After all, smart people are always in fashion.
8) Show that you love animals and take care of nature. And be weak to achieve the desired boyfriend. After all, guys like when they are the main and stronger.
9) Look after yourself, behind the figure, behind the skin of the face. And not much paint. After all, natural – more beautiful.
10) Любите! берегите любовь и будьте верными в отношениях. Только тогда вы будете красивой во всем.
External beauty is even more precious when it covers the inside. The book, whose gold fasteners close the golden content, acquires special respect. William Shakespeare
Любовь- главное испытание в жизни

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