Beauty of the skin: simple rules

Beauty of the skin: simple rules
The dream of every woman is not only to be healthy, but also to remain young and beautiful for many years. But is it so easy to preserve all the natural beauty? The answer is unequivocal – no! Beauty requires daily care and the use of complex cosmetics. And only zealous zeal, and concern for their appearance will be the best companions on the road to youth and beauty.

Remember the most important thing – a girl is not allowed to look sloppy, old and with signs of fatigue. Of course, to achieve a beautiful and well-groomed appearance is not so simple, but it is quite feasible. And so that you do not have to solve the problem of beauty, in the future, radical methods, you need to start taking care of your skin from an early age.

The first rule is an erroneous opinion

The most important mistake that almost every woman allows is confidence that youth is 100% guarantee of their beauty. And with naive confidence they are convinced that until the age of forty, the need for various creams and masks – no! Guided by this, that when the time comes, plastic surgeons will remove all irregularities and skin imperfections. Undoubtedly, our medicine has stepped very far, but after all, plastic masters are not magicians. And the skin of the face and body, which was corrected only with the help of surgeons, will not look natural. What can not be said about the skin that experienced all the delights of leaving early.

The second rule is water beauty

The lack of sufficient water in the body can lead to dehydration of the skin, which in turn will provoke the appearance of dryness on the skin, peeling and, of course, wrinkles. Ordinary water will help to cope with premature signs of aging. There is nothing complicated, you just need to observe the norm of the daily liquid, and this is not less than two liters (tea and juice are not included here).

The third rule is the vitamin complex

And – this vitamin is responsible for the correctness of the sebaceous glands and helps to restore the skin quickly. It is found in carrots, oranges, pumpkins and sea-buckthorn.

PP – controls the ability of the skin to breathe, promotes better blood circulation and dilates blood vessels. Much is found in meat, yeast and liver.

In 12 – the most useful vitamin for the blood. Predominates in beef liver, chicken, eggs and fish.

In 2 – responsible for a healthy kind of skin. It is found in fermented milk products, and promotes good absorption of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

These rules only can strengthen the effect. But they will not be effective, if thus to not conduct a correct and healthy way of life. It is necessary to observe correctness in a feed, to support stability in weight, to go in for sports, and the most important, full refusal of bad habits.

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