Beauty blender for perfect make-up

Beauty blender for perfect make-up
A beautiful complexion in women is a rare feature. The lion's share of young ladies of all ages use special means to make the skin seem delicious. The most used means – a voice-frequency cream for giving an equal and healthy shade. To apply a foundation to the face, make-up specialists came up with a completely new way – with the help of a beauty blender.


What is a beauty blender?

Beauty-blender is a special sponge for imposing tonal remedies. From habitual sponge differs unusual oval form. One end of the sponge is slightly pointed, and the second – of a rounded shape. The outlines of a beauty blender allow to apply a foundation to complex areas – the wings of the nose or the inner corners of the eyes.

Beauty blender does not leave on the skin of the villi and is hypoallergenic. The texture of the sponge resembles velvet or suede. The beauty blender absorbs excess moisture on the skin, but does not absorb the foundation. To care for the sponge, it is sufficient to wash it with soap after each use.

How to use a beauty blender correctly

Before use, the beauty blender must be moistened with water – this is a prerequisite. In this case, the sponge will change significantly in size. The more water contains a beauty blender, the softer and softer, which means it will be more evenly applied to the skin with a foundation.

When using a special sponge, it is not necessary to have the skills of a professional make-up artist. The tonal cream with a beauty blender is applied exactly the same way as with the fingers or regular sponge. Do not forget about the direction of the massage lines, so as not to stretch the skin of the face.

The sharp edge of the beauty blender is designed to thoroughly work around the areas around the lips, near the eyes and nose. The rounded end of the sponge cream is applied to the rest of the surface.

How to choose a beauty blender

Special sponges come in different colors. This is done specifically – so you can understand for what purpose a beauty blender will fit. For example, a black blossom blender is tighter and suitable for application professional make-up.

White white blutter is used to apply a very thin layer of foundation. This sponge is ideal for owners of good skin.

A bluetooth blender in pink color is the most versatile option, as it can be used in home conditions for any type of skin.

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