Beautiful makeup on graduation day

Beautiful makeup on graduation day
A good, persistent makeup – as a reliable scout, he will hide the signs of fatigue from others, complete the image, and also remain on the face for a long time. This can be achieved using a minimum of cosmetics.

You will need
  • – scrub;
  • – mask;
  • – rhinestones;
  • – sequins;
  • – мерцающая пудра;
  • – tone;
  • – lip gloss;
  • – waterproof mascara;
  • – concealer;
  • – тени для век;
  • – loose powder;
  • – Base makeup;
  • – пуховка;
  • – A set of brushes for make-up.
Apply makeup only to moistened skin. First, you need to do the exfoliation with a scrub. Apply a serum of antioxidants on your face or make a mask. This will increase the tone of the skin and make it fresh.

Choose tone creams with a light texture, for example, in the form of mousses. In addition, before using the product, apply a make-up base on the skin. Only then can you apply a tone. And more, if there are rashes on the skin, pigmented spots, it is necessary to include a corrector in the obligatory program.

Buy friable powder, it suits best for evening adventures, smoothly flowing into the night. Lubricated cream blush or powder look very unattractive. The most correct decision is to use a remedy with light-reflecting particles, thanks to which the skin shines.

Select the eyes. Apply on the eyelids concealer, and on top – dark shadows. Choose bronze shades, gray and purple. Light pink, light green do not fit – they can be left for daylight. For the eye contour, dark, iridescent gel podvodki are good, they easily lie down and hold for a long time. Eyelashes make up waterproof mascara.

Try to paste artificial eyelashes to create a more vivid, dramatic image. In addition, to customize the festive mood can glitter that are applied to the eyelids. An alternative option – rhinestones, they can decorate not only the eyes, but cheekbones.

Apply a shimmering powder to the cheekbones, forehead and chin, the tool will complete the image and make it particularly attractive.

Apply a light shine to the lips, because behind the saturated colors and dense textures you need to follow during the evening, and this is not very convenient.

Уделите внимание бровям. Придайте им форму, аккуратно удалите лишние волоски. Можете пользоваться как карандашом, так и тенями для век коричневых оттенков. Черный цвет уместен, если вы жгучая брюнетка, в остальных случаях стоит пользоваться более светлыми тонами. Завершая работу, расчешите брови специальной щеточкой, если такой нет, можете воспользоваться расческой с частыми зубьями.

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