Beautiful hairstyles for 5 minutes for long hair

Beautiful hairstyles for 5 minutes for long hair
Long hair does not always need a wave, straightening and other manipulations. In just 5 minutes, you can put them in an elegant or romantic hairstyle that will last the whole day. In its creation will help suitable styling products and accessories for hair.

Strictly and simply: hairstyles for office

Office hairstyles for long hair should be neat, stylish and uncomplicated in performance. Give preference to simple knots and rollers – such hairstyles favorably emphasize facial features, extend the neck. In addition, they are well combined with business suits and dresses, emphasizing your professionalism and tuning in a business-like manner.

To make the styling look perfect, the hair should be clean. Very thin, easily crumbling strands can be treated with dry shampoo. He will give hair a density and volume, the hair will be better kept.

Very simple is the French shell. Clean hair with spray for styling, lightly brush, and then gently brush with a brush. Collect the strands with your left hand and twist them in a tourniquet from the nape to the crown. Fold the harness in half and place it vertically along the entire length of the head. With your left hand, turn it inward, forming a stitch, and right-pin the tourniquet with studs. Scrunch your hair with a varnish. If desired, a pair of thin strands can be produced on the temples, so the hair will look less formal.

Try a variation on the theme of the familiar knot at the nape of the neck. Comb the hair with an oblique parting and separate three strands from each side. Twist the strands into bundles and collect them on the back of the head in the tail. Fold it in a lush knot and clip it with studs. The hairstyle can be slightly modified, braiding the tail in a braid, and only after that having been twisted into a knot.

Fast hairstyles for relaxation

With the help of properly selected costume jewelry, you quickly give your hair a spectacular look. Comb the hair with an oblique parting, gather the strands in a low tail and tie it with a decorative cord. The tail should be on the side, just behind the ear. Transplant it with the ends of the cord and fold into the knot. Fasten the hairstyle with studs and fix it with lacquer-luster.

Very stylish looks retro styled style. It is suitable for thick hair, straight or wavy. Rub a small amount of fixing mousse into the roots. Separate the wide strand with your forehead, lift it up, slide it forward and secure it with a flat barrette or a pair of pins. Get a small "cook". Do not make it too high. Remain the remaining strands of nails, fold in a net tow, fold it in half and fasten next to the barrette. Brush the locks on the temples and fix them with lacquer. You can modify the styling, leaving strands on the back of the head loose or putting them in the net.

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