Beautiful hair

Beautiful hair
Not all women by nature are beautiful and healthy hair. Many are forced to fight with brittle, naughty or too fast becoming fatty hair. However, with properly selected care to bring your own hairstyle to the ideal is not so difficult.

Before embarking on procedures designed to improve your hair, determine their type. Normal hair perfectly reflects the sunlight, they are smooth, well combed and almost do not split at the tips. Oily hair has a characteristic lackluster shine and may begin to stick together the same day you washed it. Dry hair is difficult to comb and easily tear, their ends are excised. There is also a mixed type of hair, which is characterized by the presence of fatty roots, but dry tips.

The easiest way is to look after normal hair. If you are a happy owner of this type, you need to regularly wash your head with the chosen agent. Thick and healthy normal hair does not require additional care.

For the care of oily hair, shampoos with extracts of sage, nettle, calamus, seaweed, mother-and-stepmother are most often used. These substances normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands. Also, you can use your own cooked healing decoctions, suitable for your type. To do this, pour five tablespoons of St. John's wort with boiling water and let it brew for half an hour, and then rinse the hair with the resulting remedy.

Dry hair requires careful care. Use the means with extract of chamomile, mint, wheat germ, linden flowers. Try not to get direct sunlight on your hair – wear headgear. For hair of dry type, a mask of half a grated avocado mixed with egg is suitable. Also do not forget to use balms that nourish and moisturize the hair structure.

Owners of mixed type, as a rule, use shampoos suitable for hair of fatty type. When applying the product, carefully rub the shampoo into the roots of the hair and scalp, and apply a nourishing balm to the tips after washing. Before washing your head, it is desirable to make a mask. For its preparation, mix a tablespoon of lime, nettle and chamomile, pour the herbs with boiling water and insist for half an hour. After filter, add to the broth the crumbled black bread and put on the hair.

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