Beautiful decolletage

Beautiful decolletage
Beautiful woman's neckline captures the looks of men. Simple tips for caring for this beautiful part of the body will help you for many years to remain desirable and attractive.

Clean the neck and decolletage area with the same remedy that you wash your face, every day in the morning and in the evening.

Then carefully dry the skin with a soft towel. After moistening the decollete area with cream.

Once a week, be sure to use a scrub.

Before going out to the street, apply sunscreen on open areas of the body.

Stretch when there is free time, neck, trying, pulling the chin up. This will protect you from premature wrinkles and help you cope with the already existing ones.

Try to take a contrast shower. It will have a beneficial effect not only on your decollete, but on the entire body as a whole.

The best way to prevent wrinkles on the neck, neck and bust is to sleep on your back without a pillow or on a flat cushion. It's very difficult to get used to it, but the result will please you.

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