Beautiful curls on long hair

Beautiful curls on long hair
Curlers are a tool with which you can create beautiful curls on your hair that can become the basis of your hair. It is important to curl your hair so that the curls do not fall apart after a few hours. For this, there are special secrets. There are different types of curlers that can be wound on long hair. The usual curlers have a cylindrical shape and are made of plastic. On one side, an elastic band is attached to them to fix the wound hair.

Папильотки – это легко гнущиеся бигуди. Они имеют мягкую структуру, поэтому их можно использовать в ночное время. Чем длиннее papyret, тем большую прядь волос можно на нее накрутить. Для того, чтобы зафиксировать волосы на папильотке, ее нужно просто согнуть. Другое название папильоток – бумеранги. Это один из самых современных видов бигуди, которые можно использовать на волосах любой длины.

Another modern tool for curling long hair – it's a thermobigi. The order of their use is as follows: the main part of the hair curlers is freed from the fixing part and placed in boiling water. Warm the curlers for 5-10 minutes. Then remove one curler from the water, screw a strand of hair on it and fix it. Thanks to the warmth, the hair is curled for 10-20 minutes. Remember that any heating affects the hair condition badly, so do not abuse this kind of curl.

The closest relative of a thermalbag is electrical curlers. They differ from each other only by the method of heating.

Before curling the hair on curlers, you need to rinse them with shampoo and comb. Hair should be wet. Begin the procedure from the middle of the head. Separate the comb with a thin strand of hair. Its width should be equal to the width of the curler. It is advisable to treat the strand with mousse or other styling agent. Take the curlers and wind the tip of the strand on it. Continue winding the strand upwards to the very base of the head. You can turn the strand inward or outward. It depends on your desire and future hairstyle. While tightening, tighten the strand and do not let the individual hairs stick out at the edges. Partially released strands can spoil the hair, as they will not be curled up to the end.

If you plan to wind hair for the night, use foam rubber curlers. Due to their soft structure, they do not cut into the head.

Бигуди должны располагаться на голове лесенкой: один под другим. Для того чтобы получились красивые кудри, нужно подождать пока волосы высохнут. Когда волосы высыхают естественным путем, кудри держатся гораздо дольше. Длинным волосам для сушки требуется 8 часов.

So, when the hair is dry, gently untwine curlers. If you need persistent curls, do not comb them. Spread the curls with your hands and fix the result with a hair spray. If you want to get volume, use a massage brush.

To curls last longer, wet them not with water while curling on curlers, and beer or lemon juice. These fluids are excellent fixatives. And in beer contains useful vitamins and protein, which are necessary for the elasticity and beauty of hair. As for the bad smell, you do not have to worry, because it is very quickly eroded. In addition, you can use a gelatin solution for hair styling. In a glass of warm water, put 1 st. l. gelatin and let it swell. When curling hair on the hair curlers, moisten the strands with the resulting liquid. Thanks to this, the curls will be firm and resilient. Sugar water is also great for fixing curls. Dilute 3 st.l. sugar in a glass of water. Wet this liquid with strands before winding them on curlers.

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