Beautiful and healthy nails

Beautiful and healthy nails
A significant number of women are faced with the fact that their nails grow too slowly, and when they can reach the desired length, they quickly break down. If you are among such unfortunates, then this article is written specifically for you.


For the normal life of any organ in the human body, it is necessary to supply it with all the necessary vitamins. This rule is also true for nails. The most acute nails require vitamins A, B, C and D. If your diet is properly built, then you get the necessary amount of vitamins automatically. But in case you have chosen one of the various diets, some of which can be quite extreme, calling to give up a lot of everyday products, you need to take vitamins additionally.


Few people guess that the health of nails is greatly influenced by the state of the circulatory system in the region of the fingers. If you regularly devote yourself to activities that require active fingerwork, such as working with a computer keyboard or playing musical instruments, then you can be sure that your fingers and nails receive sufficient stimulation for their health.


A good method of strengthening the nails will be the use of vitaminized oils. For these purposes, can come up with the usual olive oil, but the best effect is with argan oil. Rubbing of vitamins A and E can also have a beneficial effect. And to find solutions of these vitamins it is possible practically in any chemist's item.


This means of strengthening the nails used for centuries, which indicates its effectiveness, time-tested. If you rub a halved chopped garlic into the nail for half an hour, then after a week you will notice the result. The only drawback of this remedy is a characteristic pungent smell. But get rid of it quite easily, after a firming procedure, apply a little lemon juice on the surface of the nails, a strong odor that disguises ambre traditional means of fighting against vampires.

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