Beautiful and easy – ideas for quick pedicure

Beautiful and easy - ideas for quick pedicure
Care for your feet always ends with a beautiful pedicure. Especially it is popular in the summer season. To perform a pedicure you will need: nail file, nippers, scissors, pumice, finger separator, various nail polishes.

Pedicure procedure

Pedicure means not only the coloring of the nails on the legs with varnish. This procedure includes removing the keratinized skin and grinding the feet. With the help of a pedicure, you can get rid of calluses and corns. The procedure of pedicure is very popular in salons, although it can be done in the home conditions.

Usually a pedicure that runs in several stages takes about 40 minutes. Begin the procedure with the foot bath. Hollywood stars like to use olive oil in foot care: it makes the skin soft and gentle. So, add a little oil or sea salt to the tub. As soon as the skin of the legs softens, it is necessary to remove the hard and keratinized areas: this can be done with pumice. You can also use the blade, but you should be extremely careful.

The next step is to scrub the skin of the feet. This is suitable for any foot scrub. After that, take your feet out of the water and wipe them with a towel. They are ready to apply moisturizer. During this procedure, do not forget about the areas between the fingers. Also apply the cream on the nails. The next step is to directly handle the nail. With a file, give it a beautiful shape. Move the nail file not backward-forward, but from the edges of the nail to the center. So you protect the nail from exfoliation.

The foot bath is the most gentle method of foot treatment. During it, the pain is reduced to a minimum. However, you can rub your feet with a special brush and do not make a foot bath. Carry out the procedure very carefully so as not to injure your legs. This pedicure is faster, but may have some errors.

After shaping the nail, go to its polishing. Some saws have a two-sided surface, one of which is watering. Thoroughly rub this side of each nail. This procedure will have an excellent effect on the appearance of the nail and prepare it for application of lacquer.

Nail polish coating

Covering nails varnish is especially popular in the summer when it is customary to wear open shoes. Perhaps the most common option is a French pedicure. To perform it you will need two types of varnish: white and transparent. First, apply a white lacquer on the protruding tip of the nail. In this case, you can use a stencil – these are special restrictive strips. With their help, you color only the desired area of ??the nail. After the white varnish has dried, apply a clear varnish to the entire nail. The French pedicure is finished!

Another fashion trend is the red nail polish. Apply it very carefully, so that the varnish does not come out beyond the edges of the nail. If you have covered your nails with a varnish inaccurately, use cotton swabs soaked in a liquid to remove varnish. With the help of them you can remove excess paint. When painting nails, be sure to wear a special spacer for your toes. So you will make up your nails quickly and without smears.

Of course, all kinds of drawings are popular not only on the nails of the hands, but also the legs. First, apply a dark varnish on your nails, and then make a pattern with a lacquer of light shade. It can be flowers, curls, droplets, dots and other shapes.

Remember that your legs are an indicator of your well-being. Never go on vacation without the proper pedicure.

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