BB-cream – a new word in cosmetology

BB-cream - a new word in cosmetology
VV-cream is a unique product that revolutionized the world of cosmetology. This development can replace a few cosmetics at once. "Cream-Photoshop" was created to restore the skin after plastic surgery. Today this novelty is also available to Russian residents. Blemish Balm or "balm from the flaws" – so you can decipher the abbreviation BB-cream. This wonder-tool, developed by German cosmetologists, is multifunctional. You can use it for making makeup, and for skin care. VV-cream currently produces both luxury and quite budgetary cosmetic brands.

IV cream options

Blemish Balm Cream was originally used for the early healing of scars on the skin after plastic surgery. However, the results of the first attempts of application surprised not only the dermatologist, who developed the formula of the drug, but also the patients. In addition to accelerating the regeneration of the epidermis, VV-cream gave the skin a perfect appearance, successfully masking scars, redness.

The first to experience the BB-balms as decorative cosmetics were the Asian actresses and photomodels. The revolutionary cream helped to achieve a perfectly smooth tone and eliminate defects. Therefore, the novelty spread rapidly throughout the world.

VV-cream is an ideal choice for those who want to get perfect and maximum natural make-up. Combining the possibilities of decorative and therapeutic cosmetics, the cream with "Photoshop effect" adjusts to the skin tone, so it can be used as a basis for make-up and even as a foundation.

Cream-BB has a beneficial effect on the skin and helps to get rid of acne, acne and other dermatological problems. This product falls on the face evenly and thinly, therefore on the skin it is almost invisible. In this case, you can buy a cream with bleaching properties or normal.

IV cream application

Multifunctional cream can mask pronounced inflammation, pimples, freckles. On the necessary areas the means should be distributed with a denser layer. Given this characteristic, one might think that BB cream emphasizes wrinkles. However, such deficiencies in this cosmetic product is not observed. The texture of the cream is such that the composition keeps perfectly, does not "float" and does not stain clothing.

Another function of the BB product is the moistening of the skin. The cream also protects the epidermis from ultraviolet light. To apply it on the face, you can use sponge. However, the cream with a thick consistency is well distributed and fingers. The advantage of sensational development is the fact that the tool is economically spent and easily shaded. Powder, shade, blush is ideal for BB-balm. And to cleanse the skin, it is enough to take advantage of the usual milk, oil remover.

VV-cream makes the skin radiant, it can be applied every day. However, despite the combination of a number of functions, the cream can not completely replace cosmetics for skin care. Therefore, to refuse the use of sunscreen, nourishing creams, serums is not worth it.

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