Bath salt

Bath salt
Salt for baths is a means for healing, purifying and reviving physical strength. Coming home from work, taking a saline bath will greatly help to relax and forget about the problems. Scientifically proven that salt has a therapeutic and prophylactic effect on the body. And if you add different oils to it, you can create a real medicine. Salt baths are well vitaminized and nourish the skin. It is intended for treatment and relaxation, since it contains an increased amount of iodine. In addition, bath salt has an anti-inflammatory effect, helps the thyroid gland function. It contains a huge amount of microelements, medicinal herbs.

The human skin has excellent absorbency, therefore, all the components of bath salts getting into the human body, have a beneficial effect on osteochondrosis, arthrosis, bowel disease, hypertension in the initial stage. In addition to all this, it also tones up the skin.

Salt for baths dissolves well both in hot water and in warm water. The optimum temperature is 37-39 degrees. Start taking saline baths gradually, first 5 minutes, gradually increasing to half an hour. The more salt you add, the better the effect.

Doctors do not advise adding more 300 grams and being in a salt bath for more than 30 minutes. After taking it, take a cool shower and rest for about 40 minutes. Adding a few drops of lavender oil to the salt, you will create a tool that will help you with increased nervous excitability and stress.

If you are allergic to smells, then necessarily choose the oil that you do not have allergies to, otherwise taking such a bath will not have a positive effect on you, but will take you to a hospital bed.

With increased fatigue, baths with the addition of a few drops of tea tree oil will help you. And if you add rose oil to the bath, it will help you with the healing of small wounds. With cellulite, add 5 water drops of grapefruit oil or red orange. With colds, 5-6 drops of rosemary oil will help you, most importantly do not overdo with concentration.

Allergic people suffering from skin diseases, for example, eczema or dermatitis, should prefer chemist's chamomile. Birch leaves and kidneys help you fight inflammatory processes. Before going to bed, take a bath with lemon balm or lavender. This will help you relax. Ordinary oregano will help you in violation of the menstrual cycle. Before going to bed, make infusion of 100-200 grams of herbs on 2-3 liters of water. Pour the infusion into the tub and lie down in it. Your condition will noticeably improve, and the skin will find a healthy appearance.

Bath salts have different effects on the person, carefully read the packaging before use, and choose the one that is perfect for you.

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