Basic rules of nail care

Basic rules of nail care
Well-groomed nails have always been a decoration for women's pens. But many women just do not have enough free time, which they could give to their nails. Especially it concerns those women who lead an active lifestyle: go in for sports, organize picnics or devote their free time to gardening.

All women should know that in fact, get rid of the untidy kind of nails can be without much difficulty – it is enough to observe several rules for nail care.

Nail treatment should be started only after they have been washed with soap. The best result can be achieved if you hold your hands for a while in a bath with a soapy solution. As soon as the skin of the hands becomes soft, a nourishing or moisturizing cream is rubbed into it, and the nail cuticle is shifted or removed with a special tool. When processing the nail, do not remove too much cuticle, as the wound can get pathogenic microbes and the wound can become inflamed.

There is a large selection of types of manicure. One of the most popular deservedly considered European style, when the nail plate has the shape of a rectangle. If we talk about the color of nails, then this is much more complicated, because the fashion for color is constantly changing. In the summer, for example, among the most relevant are the colors of fruits and berries, while in winter cooler colors such as blue, blue and others are popular.

In order to give the nails individuality and uniqueness, you can use jewelry for nails. There are many ways to do this. In addition, the range of decor elements is also unusually large. But one of the most popular options for decorating nails is the so-called French manicure. It is performed in many ways, but always on the tip of the nail will be applied a varnish of opaque white, and on top – a varnish-base, which, as a rule, has tender shades. To perform this manicure takes about 15-20 minutes, although it happens less, if there is already a certain experience.

Thus, nail care is not particularly difficult, and any girl can do it, especially since it will not take much time. Using fantasy, you can easily achieve a good result and make your nails not only well-groomed, but also original. The implementation of simple procedures guarantees an impeccable appearance and health of the nails, and well-groomed nails at all times have been and will be a symbol of beauty and well-being.

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