Barley in pregnancy: methods of deliverance

Barley in pregnancy: methods of deliverance
Sometimes people do not pay attention to a small itch in the field of the century. After a while this trifling inconvenience develops into a small swelling at the edge of the eyelid. It sprouts, and after a couple of days a yellowish head appears on its surface, from which pus is released. Particular trouble is this purulent inflammation delivers if it appears in a pregnant woman.

Before you know, how to get rid from barley, it does not hurt to find out reasons occurrence of the disease. Provocateur of it is a bacterial infection. Where does it come from? If we talk in a simple way, then from dirt.

The causes of the appearance of barley

Women have to face this ailment more often than men. And all because they do not follow the rules using cosmetics. Do not use other people's brushes and applicators. AND your cosmetics do not give to others. Each product has a shelf life.

Therefore, you can not use anything after the expiration of this time. Applicators and shades for shadows need to be periodically cleaned or replaced. In addition to this reason, the appearance of barley can cause malfunctions in the immune system and hypothermia. That's why pregnant women should monitor their health. Observe the rules of hygiene and regimen, use only useful food.

How to get rid of barley – folk methods

If there are no reasons for serious illnesses, and barley is a consequence of a violation of hygiene, then folk remedies should be used. To heat an inflammation it is impossible. It is also forbidden to squeeze out pus.

Methods for getting rid of barley:

  1. If the barley has not yet appeared, but there is a sensation of itching, then you can try this method. Take a glass bottle, pour a little triple cologne on the bottom and put the neck to the eye. So keep for about three minutes. Repeat three times a day.
  2. Another way to prevent the disease from developing is to make a lotion from a mixture of water and boric acid (? tea per 1/4 tsp acid). That barley does not "pass" to the other eye, the lavage must begin with a healthy one.
  3. From the tincture of calendula make lotions on a sore eyelid. To do this, brew a glass of boiling water one tablespoon of flowers and insist half an hour.
  4. To relieve the condition with open abscess, wash the eye with a decoction of St. John's wort or chamomile. On a tablespoon of the plant, use a glass of water. Boil for three minutes, use warm. To prevent infection, start rinsing with a healthy eye.
  5. Three times a lot of juice from aloe juice during the day. Take a plant that is at least 3-x years old. Place it for a day in the refrigerator. Before use, dilute the juice with 1 water to 10.
  6. It is useful to rinse the eyes with brewed tea. You need to start with a healthy eye.

Experts do not advise to treat barley yourself. It is better to first visit the oculist and consult with him. If you are predisposed to this disease, try to exclude the factors that provoke its occurrence. Especially during pregnancy.

Observe hygiene, take vitamins, avoid hypothermia. Adhere to a rational diet, take walks in the fresh air. You are shown only positive emotions.

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