Banana massage against cellulite

Banana massage against cellulite
Today, there are a lot of drugs, recipes and tips, how to deal with cellulite. One of the most effective means is can massage. Vacuum latex banks are sold in any pharmacy and are inexpensive. Of course, it's best if the massage is done by a professional masseur. And it's not even in his special knowledge, but the fact that the client at this time lies in a relaxed state, and so the effect will be more noticeable. However, it is possible to make canno massage on your own.

Early procedures важно разогреть те места, с которых вы будете «прогонять» cellulitis. Нанесите на них (обычно это ноги, бедра и ягодицы) антицеллюлитное или любое другое butter and from your toes with light stroking hand movements, move on up. Разминайте, растирайте, гладьте проблемные зоны, чтобы почувствовалось тепло.

When the preheating is complete, take the vacuum jar and attach it to the skin surface, slightly squeezed on the sides or top. It must stick to the skin. Massage make снизу вверх такими движениями: вверх/вниз, кругами и зигзагами, снова по прямой вверх/вниз. При правильном положении банка должна передвигаться легко и мягко. Если ее перемещение затруднено, надо выпустить из-под нее немного воздуха, т.е. ослабить давление.

Initially, the procedure may seem painful. Despite this, it should continue. The duration of the entire procedure is 30-40 minutes. Every day it should not be carried out, it is enough 2-3-x times in week. Too zealous (increase the time of the procedure or spend it twice a day) is not necessary, physicians found that a рвение может только нанести вред и даже привести к обратному результату. Курс антицеллюлитного баночного массажа – от 10 до 20 процедур.

There are contraindications. In case of blood diseases, skin diseases, tumors, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, thrombosis of vessels, such a massage is unacceptable. Besides, can massage can to enlarge available on legs and thighs are vascular mesh. It is impossible without advice from a doctor to conduct a can of a stomach massage (especially in the presence of gynecological diseases).

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