Available procedures: the beauty will give water!

Available procedures: the beauty will give water!
According to physiologists, man is animate water. And this is not accidental: two thirds of the body consists of water. All metabolic processes proceed only with the participation of water. That's why people without this valuable fluid can live only a few days.

Для жизнедеятельности организма очень важно пить много воды. Если вы работаете в офисе, поставьте на рабочий стол бутылку с чистой питьевой водой и в течение дня отпивайте маленькими глотками.

Strengthen your muscles and be always in great shape to help aqua aerobics and swimming. It is especially important that during these exercises joints and spine are not strained, since in water the load on them is only 1 / 10 from usual.

In a day you should drink at least 2 l of water. When the heat is on the street, the dosage should be increased to 3 l, so that the body does not suffer from dehydration. Water should be drunk in large quantities and during diets: only cells saturated with liquid can completely dissolve fats. Before eating, at least for 20 minutes, drink a glass of clean water. It will suppress the feeling of hunger, and you will quickly become saturated. If you drink enough water, the skin will be elastic, and the well-being will improve.

Anyone who was at least once near the waterfall, notes that already in 5 minutes feels better. Clean air, the sound of water, rapidly falling from the height of the stream pacify. The sea has not less healing power. The skin from the salt water becomes elastic and taut, irritation disappears, redness passes.

Полезно совершать водные процедуры и в реке. Окунитесь, расслабьтесь и почувствуйте воду, дышите ровно. Ощутите прикосновение воды к коже. Позвольте ей очистить вас от тревожных мыслей. Почувствовав облегчение, поблагодарите воду.

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