Autumn mask for face

Autumn mask for face
Autumn time gives us the opportunity to pamper the skin with natural masks from the latest garden vegetables and seasonal fruit berries.

В преддверии ветреной и морозной зимы не упустите возможность насытить клетки дермы минеральными солями, витаминами, биологически активными веществами и микроэлементами.
Маска from zucchini or patissons – an effective means of moisturizing and degreasing the skin of the face. Clean the vegetable, rinse and chop thin mugs. The second fruit, grate and squeeze the juice, wipe your face or wash, and then on the skin so cleaned, attach circles of zucchini. Relax on the couch 20 minutes. You will immediately be delighted with the reflection in the mirror!

Carrot mask is suitable for skin tired, pale, with increased secretion of sebum and enlarged pores. One juicy carrot grind the grater, add a raw yolk, a spoonful of olive or almond oil. Such carrot "salad" thicken 1-2 with teaspoons of oatmeal and apply on face. After 15 minutes, remove the mixture with cool water, ordinary or mineral.

Perfectly soothes inflamed and irritated skin with a spinach mask. Take a handful of leaves of this vitamin vegetable culture, let in a little water, milk or green tea. Throw it on gauze – apply this compress to your face for 10 minutes. Wipe the skin with a toning lotion, for example, based on cucumber or chamomile.

Ягоды облепихи подарят клеткам эпидермиса много витаминов, окажут омолаживающее и бактерицидное действие. Горсть полезных ягод бросьте в пиалу и налейте стакан кипятка. Через 5-7 минут облепиху откиньте на сито, протрите или разомните ложкой. Приготовьте однородный состав, добавив к облепиховому пюре нежирный творог или сметану. Сделайте маску на все лицо и шею, не затрагивая веки. Умойтесь после процедуры теплой водой.

The beetroot mask will make the complexion look beautiful, give the skin a healthy shade, nourish with antioxidants. Make a composition according to the recipe of a mask from carrots. You can do and even easier – wipe a slice of fresh beets decollete area and face, rinse and apply a few herbal cream on the skin.

Kalina is a health and beauty berry. Masks from it will enrich the dermis with a powerful antioxidant: vitamin C. Fresh or frozen berries are scalded with boiling water and, having dried, mash with a fork. Mix with oatmeal oat or corn flour and a spoonful of olive oil. Apply the mask from the viburnum to a cleanly washed face, and wash off with a warm infusion of herbs or mineral water.

And finally – one of the favorite masks of the Italian actress Sophia Loren. This mask, the recipe of which the unfading icon of style and beauty borrowed from the ancient Romans, will help to maintain the resilience, freshness and attractiveness of the face for a long time. Dry fruits of peas (green) must be transformed into a powder with a coffee grinder, and then diluted with milk whey (2 tbsp). A fifteen-minute mask will make you irresistible!

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