As always stay slim

As always stay slim
If you – one of those lucky ones who, after the efforts to lose weight, were quite happy with the result, you need to fix it to not get better again. How to maintain harmony?

Before a full meal, drink a glass of water. The liquid will prepare the body for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The fact is that the feeling of hunger can arise not because of what you want to eat, but because of the usual thirst. Water will fill this need, accordingly, you will eat no more than necessary norm.

Если предстоит застолье, выпейте воды примерно за 1 час до вечеринки. Мясные продукты сочетайте с зеленью и салатами из свежих овощей. Кусочек торта лучше съесть с чашкой несладкого чая, чем с соком или газировкой. Периодически выходите из-за стола, чтобы у вас не было соблазна съесть что-нибудь еще. Конечно, смотреть на кушанья голодными глазами тоже не стоит. Выберите компромисс: попробуйте разные блюда, но понемногу. Следующие сутки сделайте разгрузочным днем.

Adhere to the rule of not eating after six. This will help to stay slim, feel light and active every day. If you can not wait for several hours before bedtime, eat an apple or 150-200 g of fresh vegetable salad. But be sure to do this at least 3 hours before you go to bed.

If you were engaged in creating a harmonious and beautiful figure in the gym or visited the pool, do not stop training. You can reduce their frequency, but at least 1-2 once a week, otherwise your shapes will gradually sag. Do not forget to do 5-10-minute gymnastics in the morning.

Limit the consumption of fried, spicy and salty. To maintain harmony, eat fatty fish, white chicken without skin, raw vegetables and fruits, chicken protein, seafood, nuts, beans, wild rice. Fill salads with olive oil, and replace concentrated juices with unsweet compote or lemonade.

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