As always, look fresh and rested

As always, look fresh and rested
Before the vacation is still a lot of time, but I always want to look good all the time. There are a couple of secrets that will help to look like after a vacation even without having one.


Choose the right color

Your choice is coloring, which makes it possible to create the appearance of sunburned hair. Take a closer look at the techniques of ombre, balayazh and shatush.

Stainchie staining gives the effect of sunlight on the hair. Master brightens the hair in a chaotic manner, resulting in you look as if they lived on the seacoast for a couple of months, while moisturizing the hair with different kinds of masks almost every day.

При омбре волосы окрашиваются горизонтальными рядами, что дает резкий контраст между кончиками и корнями.

Balayage combines the techniques of the stoletas and ombre. Here, and the contrast between the roots and tips, and glare along the entire length.

Take into account the natural resistance to burning out your hair and choose the most suitable coloring option for you. Also, do not forget to buy an indelible conditioner, fluid and masks for colored hair. This will help maintain a fresh look of hair for 6-8 weeks after staining.

Do not overdo with makeup

As a rule, women after holiday and so feel quite attractive. So your task is to learn how to do the so-called "uniotic"make-up.

  • The first thing to do is to moisturize your skin with lotion or cream.
  • Apply a lightening corrector to the area under the eyes.
  • Наложите персиковые румяна на кожу до (!) тонального крема и дайте впитаться. Впоследствии такой румянец будет выглядеть более естественно.
  • Choose an easy moisturizing foundation. Here the ideal choice is BB-cream, since it has all the necessary properties.
  • Максимум, что можно сделать с бровями – расчесать и уложить с помощью легкого оттеночного геля. Никакого тяжелого макияжа бровей! Он способен свести на нет все остальные ваши усилия.
  • Stress the lines of eyelash growth on the lower and upper eyelids with a brown waterproof pencil and blend well.
  • Using a large fluffy brush and bronzer, emphasize the protruding parts of the face: the area above the eyebrows, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, chin. Do not forget about the clavicles, they also tan in the first place. Add a little bronzer to your eyelids with a beveled brush.
  • Lip the lips with lipstick, and from above put a transparent luster.

Whiten teeth

На самом деле, это не настолько вредно, как принято считать. Сейчас много современных средств для домашнего использования, но они не дают мгновенного результата – придется подождать 1-2 недели. Если же ожидание не входит в ваши планы, обратитесь в специализированную зубную клинику. Обязательно уточните концентрацию перикиси водорода: щедящей считается до 25% процентов. В противном случае не удивляйтесь, что чувствительность зубов резко повысится во время процедуры и придет в норму только спустя несколько часов.

Go over your cosmetic bag with creams

In summer, a cream with dense, saturated textures is by no means appropriate. Stop the choice of light emulsions and fluids, otherwise poblom with clogged pores can not be avoided. If possible, visit the beauty salon, do moisturizing care and light peeling.

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