Application of burdock oil for hair

Application of burdock oil for hair
Agrimony is considered to be an unpretentious and amazing plant, from which various broths, butter and tinctures are made. Burdock oil can be a real salvation for split, dry and brittle hair. The idea to use it to restore hair is not new, but remains popular to this day. Burdock oil is produced from burdock root, but unlike other vegetable oils, it is obtained by extraction. That is, the root of the mug insists on almond, sesame, olive or peanut butter. This product has unique properties that positively affect the structure of the hair. The oil strengthens the capillary circulation, restores the metabolism in the scalp, strengthens the hair shafts, accelerates the growth of the head of hear.

With the help of burdock oil, it is possible to stop the progressive loss of hair. The use of this unique product provides nutrition to the scalp and bulbs, thereby eliminating dry dandruff, eliminating itching and dryness. It is recommended to use oil in poorly growing, damaged and thinned hair, abundant in their loss.

Можно применять репейное масло обладательницам любого типа волос. Самый простой метод его использования – это смочить волосы теплой водой, отжать лишнюю влагу или промокнуть шевелюру полотенцем, затем разделить на проборы, нанести нагретое масло на корни. Аккуратно вотрите его в кожу головы массажными движениями. Остатки теплого репейного масла распределите по всей длине волос, используя расческу с редкими зубьями. Оберните голову пленкой, полотенцем. Держите маску не менее одного часа. По истечении времени смойте масло теплой водой с шампунем, при необходимости повторите процедуру дважды.

Frequency of using burdock oil for hair – 1-2 times a week. The course of hair treatment is 2 weeks. Then make a break 3 weeks and again repeat the course.

The following way of applying burdock oil in Home conditions Is the preparation of hair masks on its basis. To strengthen, stimulate dew and nourishment, as well as eliminate brittle hair, a mask made of burdock oil with the addition of chamomile and wheat germ oil is a good choice. Mix in a glass container one tablespoon of the listed ingredients, lightly heat on a water bath (to improve the effect, after all, under the influence of heat, the pores open and blood circulation improves, the oil penetrates more easily to the hair root), carefully wipe the composition into the hair roots and scalp for 40 -50 minutes before washing.

Чтобы смыть репейное масло, нужно использовать шампунь, которых подходит вашему типу волос. Желательно намыливать голову 2 раза, так вы сможете избавиться от остатков масла.

A mask with an egg yolk has an excellent effect. It gives the hair a shine and silky, has the ability to strengthen hair bulbs, eliminates dandruff. To make a mask on your own, mix 1 a tablespoon of liquid warm honey with two egg yolks, add 3 tablespoons burdock oil. All components of the mask thoroughly mix, evenly distribute through the hair, rub into the scalp with the fingertips. Heat the head with food film and handkerchief, after half an hour, rinse with the usual method. It is recommended to use a similar mask 1 once a week.

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