Anti-cellulite wrap: recommendations for the procedure at home

Anti-cellulite wrap: recommendations for the procedure at home
The wrap was originally used to fight cellulite. But over time it was noticed that the procedure reduces the body volume by 1-2 see. Weight reduction occurs as a result of fat burning and the removal of a large amount of water. As a result of wrapping, metabolic processes are intensified and lymph flow improves. The skin is significantly tightened, rejuvenated, its tone rises, and the orange peel disappears. The tissues are saturated with the necessary minerals and vitamins. To ensure that the result does not take long to wait, you need to combine the wrap with physical loads and proper nutrition.

The wrapping procedure should be performed on an empty stomach. On this day it is advisable to limit yourself to kefir, liquid yogurt, tea. Two hours before and after wrapping it is better not to eat anything at all. Drink a day of the procedure 2-2,5 liters of liquid in small portions. Spend wrapping in the evening before bedtime.

Anti-cellulite wraps are divided into hot and cold. Hot wrap works through open pores. It is through them that slags and toxins are emitted. As a result of cold wrapping, toxins are redirected to internal cleansing, the skin rejuvenates, its tone rises. The procedure helps to narrow the blood vessels.

For wraps, only natural and liquid honey should be taken.

The most popular hot wrap is honey. For him you will need about 5-6 st. l. honey. To enhance the heating effect, you can mix honey with mustard powder (two parts of honey one piece of mustard). The mixture should be diluted with water to form a gruel. Please note that mustard causes burning sensation on the body. Therefore this variant is suitable only for thick-skinned.

The most pleasant wrap is chocolate. For the procedure, you need to melt chocolate bars on the 2 water bath. Then the chocolate is applied to the problem areas.

Wraps can not be carried out by those who suffer from heart failure, varicose veins, gynecological ailments, kidney diseases, malignant tumors. Pregnant procedure is also contraindicated.

Cold wrapping is done with algae. Pour laminaria hot water and insist for 20 minutes. Then add 1 chicken yolk and 10 drops of any citrus oil. Stir the mixture thoroughly and apply to the body.

Do not forget that the active mixture should be applied to the prepared skin. Therefore, before the procedure, take a shower and use a scrub. You can properly steam out the problem areas, and then massage the washcloth. Then you need to wipe the skin dry. Apply the mixture on the skin with patting and circular movements. You can perform a light massage. Then wrap the body with food film: make the first turn around the waist. The width of the wrapping material should be equal to 30-35 cm. The next two coils come down to the right leg: wrap the film up to the knee. Now make a wrap on the left foot. It is important not to transmit limbs, so as not to disturb blood circulation.

Wear warm clothes and lie under the blanket. Relax for 40 minutes. After the procedure, take a shower to rinse the mixture. Apply a nourishing cream or moisturizing milk to the body.

In the salon, the wrapping procedure is carried out using термоодеяла. In fact, such a blanket is an electric heater, because it is included in the outlet. The advantage of a thermal blanket is that it can set a specific temperature for the entire wrapping time. For example, for wrapping with oils, + 37 ° C is appropriate, and for the procedure with a special gel, a temperature of + 40 ° C is required.

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