Anti-cellulite massage at home

Anti-cellulite massage at home
The cause of cellulitis, when the surface of the skin becomes like an orange peel, is stagnation in the lymph and uneven distribution of subcutaneous fat associated with loss of tonus and elasticity of the skin. An effective tool that allows you to restore the elasticity of the skin is massage.

What is the effect of massage?

Пресловутая «апельсиновая корка» чаще всего появляется на тех участках тела, которые мало задействованы при активном движении: на предплечьях, бедрах, buttocks. Fat deposits begin to accumulate in these areas and then become an obstacle to the normal circulation of fluids in the tissues, disrupting lymph flow and circulation. This, in turn, leads to the fact that the body cells lack oxygen and nutrients. cellulite is not only an external, cosmetic defect, it is also a health problem.

Массаж проблемных зон помогает разогреть эти участки тела, ускорить циркуляцию лимфы и крови, что способствует вымыванию токсинов, размягчению и выведению лишнего жира из подкожных тканей. При регулярном массировании восстанавливается нормальный обмен веществ, структура кожи меняется – она вновь становится эластичной и упругой.

Good effect in the fight against cellulite can be obtained with the help of a regular massage, even if you will carry it yourself, but if you use special anti-cellulite techniques, tools and adaptations, the effectiveness of self-massage can increase significantly and you can get rid of cellulite much faster.

General principles and techniques used for anti-cellulite massage

Regardless of where the anti-cellulite massage will be performed – in a specialized salon or in Home conditions, the general principles of it remain unchanged. Massive local zones, those where you can see signs of the appearance of an "orange peel". Beforehand, the muscles should be warmed up and relaxed. That is why it will be better if domestic conditions кто-нибудь сможет сделать вам массаж тех частей тела, например ягодиц, которые при самомассаже очень трудно держать в расслабленном состоянии. При массировании вы должны находиться в удобной позе, делать плавные и легкие движения, постепенно усиливая их по мере того, как мышцы будут разогреты.

In the case when you use hands for massaging, you need to master the basic techniques and methods, such as stroking, grinding, pressing, patting, rolling and vibration.

Getting rid of cellulite – it's not a matter of one week or even a month, get ready to spend some time. Start massaging from the bottom and gradually climb to those areas that are closer to the heart. The duration of one session can vary from 15 minutes to 1 hours. To achieve a quick effect, anti-cellulite massage should be done daily, and when you have already achieved the desired result, it will still need to be done at least once a week as prevention.

К противопоказаниям для антицеллюлитного массажа относятся: варикоз, сердечнососудистые заболевания, наличие любых опухолей и повреждений кожного покрова.

Manual anti-cellulite massage

This type of massage using the special techniques listed above, literally "to the touch" feel problem zones, highlight them and work hard. But if you do this yourself, try not to feel sorry for yourself, reducing your efforts to reduce pain. Use special creams and oils, warming the skin, increasing the effectiveness of massage and activating metabolic processes in tissues. Thermoactive gels and creams that create a strong thermal effect immediately after applying, you can buy at the pharmacy.

Anti-cellulite massage with cans

For this type of anti-cellulite massage, ordinary medical cans or special ones are used, made of soft, but sufficiently resilient plastic or silicone. On the problem zone, apply a fatty nourishing cream, heated aromatic oil or thermogel. Install the jar by slightly squeezing it on the sides, the harder you squeeze it, the more it will attach, adjust the necessary compression yourself. Start driving the jar in a circular motion. If you are massaging the stomach, the jar needs to be moved in a circle clockwise. In other problem areas, zigzag and rectilinear movements can be used. The zone of discharged air, which has arisen inside the can, affects the skin layer, improving the metabolic processes in it, tearing and destroying the stuck lumps of fat, the adhesions between them.

A can of massage can not be used in areas where thin skin is on the inside of the thighs and under the knees.

Honey anti-cellulite massage

Honey has long been used in folk medicine – it is used not only inside, but also outside, for example, make cosmetic masks with it. This is an excellent tool for increasing the effectiveness of anti-cellulite massage, because it helps to remove toxins from the upper layers of the skin and the body. Honey must be mixed with essential oils, so that hands do not stick to the skin during massage, the optimal ratio is 5 drops of oil on 2 teaspoons of honey. It is more effective to use combinations of several oils, for example: lemon, eucalyptus and lavender, or lemon with orange, or lemon, juniper, lavender and orange. First, mix the oil in a separate bowl, then add honey to it.

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