All about the diet of Natalia Malakhova

All about the diet of Natalia Malakhova
People who want to lose weight, use for this different ways, innovative and proven by time and experience. Recently, the diet of Malakhova has become more popular.
The wide spread and effectiveness of this diet is explained by the fact that the basis of the diet is the principles of ordinary heat exchange. That is, they are simple rules that help to extract from the food a maximum of useful energy that is not stored in the form of fat on the sides, but is fully used by the body to maintain life.

Diet Features

At the heart of the diet are simple principles of products, according to which products need not only to choose correctly, but also to combine correctly. In addition, the consistency of the use of all products is of no small importance. In the morning it is desirable to include in the diet carbohydrates and fiber, in the day it can be carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and in the evening – only proteins.

As for the usefulness of the products, Malakhovaya's diet is not distinguished by special innovations: one should not get carried away with fatty foods, it is better to minimize flour and sweet, to focus on fruits, cereals, vegetables and dairy products with low fat content. The diet can be supplemented with dried fruits, nuts, seeds, preferably include seafood.

According to the diet, you can not combine carbohydrates with foods that contain large amounts of protein; or carbohydrates with high-fat products. At first, such food will be unusual and to some extent uncomfortable. However, if gradually accustom the body to the correct consumption of energy contained in products, eventually it will give results in the form of a beautiful figure and strong muscles.

Fundamental rules

The rules that should be followed are fairly simple in understanding and execution. First, thoroughly chew food and eat small portions. It is better to divide the daily ration into more meals (at least 4-5), there is often, but not enough. Secondly, drink plenty of water, up to 2 liters per day. Start the day with a glass of plain water and drink one more drink for half an hour before meals. Thirdly, there are as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible – they are the best source of fiber.

This diet contributes not only to body cleansing and weight loss, but also to the improvement of all organs in general. Purified blood vessels will cease to be a problem of headaches and increased blood pressure. Skin, filled with moisture, will look a few years younger.

It should be understood that this diet is not a one-time process, which can be carried out and then again return to another diet. This should be a special system and way of life to constantly maintain the comfortable functioning of the whole body and be slim.

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