Agar – perfume miracle of the East

Agar - perfume miracle of the East
Agar (also known as agalocha or ud) is a tree growing in Southeast Asia, whose local people call wood the "wood of the gods". From the blow by infecting it with a certain kind of fungus, get a viscous resin, which is used in perfumery, mostly selective. Of 20 kg of wood, boa, only 12 ml of oil can be obtained, so the cost of boa is exceptionally high.

Thick and сладкий аромат agar relaxes, helps the body to deal with stress and even depression. He is also the strongest aphrodisiac. This is one of the most expensive perfume components, so it is used only in selective or niche perfumery, и стоят такие духи немало.

The technology of obtaining oil from the ud tree is extremely sophisticated: the tree is infected with a fungus or bacteria, as a result of which protective aromatic resin accumulates in the affected areas. The heart beat can not withstand infection, so sooner or later the tree dies. For this reason, the dark brown resin is appreciated so highly: its extraction always inevitably leads to the destruction of the tree. Fortunately, the udder tree is unpretentious and can grow even on poor soil; It is ubiquitous in South and South-East Asia.

Another reason for the high price is the uniqueness of the agar oil. It can not be obtained artificially, and all the synthetic analogues of agar quite remotely resemble original. The authentic agar has a balsamic, warm, enveloping aroma with notes of wood, synthetic resembles leather or smoked wood. According to Abdullah Ajmal, the chief executive of Ajmal Perfumes, in many spirits, in the composition of which the agar is listed, it does not actually exist. At best, there is an unconvincing artificial analogue. The use of agar remains the privilege of top class perfumers. The cost of the most expensive variety of agar – kiara – exceeds 450 dollars per gram

Most often, agar is used to create oriental fragrances, so the first name that comes to mind when mentioning this component is Pierre Montal, the guru of oriental perfumery. Agar is present in most fragrances of Montale. He dedicated to his wife wood целую коллекцию, в которой можно выделить такие композиции, как Montale Original Aouds, Montele Royal Aoud, Silver Aoud.

Oil of wood is also present in most aromas from Ajmal, as, indeed, in many other oriental spirits. Agar also stars in the famous Wonderwood from the avant-garde Comme des Garsons, in Midnight Oud from Juliette has a gun, Intense Oud and Pure Oud from Kilian.

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