Additives and vitamins for the beauty of face, hair and nails

Additives and vitamins for the beauty of face, hair and nails
Before you start taking these or those additives it is worth considering that there will be no immediate effect. Despite the fact that if they get into the body they start acting instantly, the visible effect will come only after 3-4 weeks, and in some cases after a couple of months. This is because the additives work on new, growing cells of hair, nails and skin.

To improve the skin of the face
Solving the problem of oily skin, cope with clogged pores and acne eruptions will help you taking omega-3 fatty acids, which have an anti-inflammatory property. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that if you have a dry, irritable skin, then the omega-3 will replenish the moisture completely. Fatty acids are also used to treat eczema. Apply in liquid form (fish oil 2 tsp on an empty stomach) or in capsules.

For luxurious hair
All vitamins responsible for the beauty of hair are divided into three groups:

  • Vitamins constantly needed by hair: these are vitamins A and B, omega-3 fatty acids. They impart shine, density and volume to the hair. Visible effect from the reception appears in a month.
  • Vitamins for emergency help: it is zinc and vitamins C and E. They are connected when the hair under the influence of unfavorable climatic factors, improper care and vitamin deficiency become dull, lifeless, brittle, with split ends.
  • Vitamins correcting errors of malnutrition and deficiency of certain substances: these are trace elements of iron and magnesium. Their lack in the body is manifested by dullness, increased brittleness and hair loss. Often this is observed in lovers of coffee and alcohol, sweet and salty, baked and carbonated drinks, as well as in pregnant and lactating mothers. Deficiency of these microelements is replenished when taking multivitamin complexes. But, when choosing a complex, be careful. The fact is that magnesium is absorbed only in the presence of calcium and potassium in equal parts.

For strong nails
If your nails break and break, then the daily diet includes an addition with biotin, by the way, it will also improve the condition of the hair.

To protect the skin from the sun
To this end, use lycopene, which, being a powerful antioxidant, protects the skin from the harmful effects of solar radiation and sunburn. In excess is contained in tomatoes.

Обогатите также ваш рацион белками – они являются основой для построения клеток, включите в него больше рыбы, листовых овощей, орехов, воды и растительных масел, ведь именно в них находятся все составляющие молодости и красоты.

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