Activated charcoal in masks from acne

Activated charcoal in masks from acne
Wide pores and black dots on the face – flour is not only teenage. Some people have such problems for life. Therefore, you have to periodically visit the beauty salons. But do not forget about the improvised means that help in the fight against many ailments. Visiting salons costs a lot of money, and caring for problem skin requires regular. Therefore, frequent visits to a cosmetologist are impossible because of financial problems. What to do in this case? The answer is simple – to use folk remedies that are no less effective than professional procedures. In the fight against acne, for example, activated charcoal is excellent.

Activated carbon is an absorbent that effectively removes harmful substances from the body. The drug perfectly helps not only with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, but also with problems of skin.

In the fight against imperfections of the skin of the face will help a coal mask. To make it yourself, you will need the following ingredients: a teaspoon of milk, half a teaspoon of gelatin, a half-pound of activated carbon.

Grind the activated charcoal in a mortar, add to it gelatin, mix them thoroughly together and pour in warm milk. It is necessary that all the components form a homogeneous mass. To do this, put the mixture on a water bath and stir it constantly. This will take quite a long time, since gelatin needs to swell well. But there is another, faster option – a microwave oven. Put the mixture on the temperature minimum for about 10 seconds.

The resulting mask should be slightly cooled, and the skin of the face must be prepared for the forthcoming procedure. Any mask is best applied after the bath, when the pores are well roasted and opened.

Можно воспользоваться альтернативным вариантом – сделать отвар ромашки (2 ст. ложки травы на 2 стакана кипятка) и распарить над ним лицо, закрыв голову толстым махровым полотенцем. Нескольких минут будет вполне достаточно.

Apply the coal mixture to the steamed skin, either on problematic areas only, or on the entire face, naturally without touching the area around the eyes. For high-quality application use a brush with a hard nap to drive the mask deep into the pores and apply it layer by layer three times.

Then you need to wait until the mask is completely dry. This will take about a quarter of an hour. The person should be without emotions and without movements.

Removing the mixture will be quite easy – the gelatin that is part of the mask turns it into an elastic film, which can be removed in one motion. After the procedure, be sure to apply on the face skin nourishing cream.

Do not use an activated carbon mask more than once a week. This procedure is suitable only for those who do not suffer from couperose.

Coal masks on a clay basis are also good. Clay can be taken anyway, but the best for the person is blue. Mix on a tablespoon of clay and water and add a tablet of activated charcoal. Stir thoroughly until smooth. Apply the mask on your face, and after 10 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Для того чтобы поры визуально сузить, можно сделать угольный лед, которым следует протирать лицо каждое утро. Возьмите 12 чайных ложек кипяченой воды и растворите в ней таблетку активированного угля. После этого разлейте воду в мелкие формочки и заморозьте в камере. Если кожа лица очень чувствительна на холодное прикосновение, можно предварительно перед протиранием обернуть кубик льда платком.

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