Activated Carbon: an Effective Way to Lose Weight

Activated Carbon: an Effective Way to Lose Weight
Often, women use different methods to lose weight, however, in most cases, excess kilograms are recaptured. To reduce weight, not only some bad habits but also the wrong diet are interfering. Recently, many began to use activated coal, in order to achieve the desired effect.

What you need to do in order to get rid of extra pounds using this method? There are several different options.

1) During the diet, and then within two weeks, take 2 tablets per day.

2) Take 2 tablets half an hour before meals. You can eat as usual, but reduce the consumption of fried and fatty foods. Follow the diet for about 10 days.

3) A three-day diet with charcoal is that you need to drink a couple of tablets before eating. The first day you should drink only kefir, on the second day use only apples, and on the third – vegetables.

4) Day to starve, and at night to drink 8 tablets activated carbon. This method is quite effective, but also very dangerous.

Если вы длительное время будете использовать уголь, то помните, что могут возникнуть побочные действия.

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