Acrylic painting on nails: we paint easily and beautifully

Acrylic painting on nails: we paint easily and beautifully
Fashion goes forward with leaps and bounds. Changes are not just about clothing: the length of skirts, the shapes of blouses and shirts, but also professional manicure. Surprise well-groomed nails with a bright coating is unlikely to work. Therefore, to create a unique image of women choose to draw on their nails with acrylic paints. The technique of drawing on the nail plate with acrylic paints gives a huge field for creativity, with every day it is gaining popularity among women who like to stand out from the crowd.

Одним из несомненных плюсов акрила, отличающих его от других материалов для нейл-арта, можно назвать его простоту в использовании. Состав краски – водная основа и акриловые смолы. Поэтому ее легко разводить, а также смешивать между собой, добиваясь необходимого цвета. Акрил не токсичен и безопасен для человека. Людям, которые только начинают рисовать на ногтях, рекомендуется использовать именно этот материал, так как он легко смывается. Это позволяет внести коррективы в рисунок на любом этапе работы. Да и сохнет акрил быстро, а это тоже несомненный плюс.

When working with acrylic paints, it is recommended to buy materials from the same manufacturer. But to mix products of different companies is not worth it, the effect can be unpredictable.

Those women who want to master the technique of drawing with acrylic paints on nails, it is necessary to have patience. Such work requires skill and skill. Therefore, in the first stages, it is not worthwhile to aim at complex drawings and techniques. Beginners are encouraged to learn from ready-made schemes with simple drawings, step by step following the instructions.

Before you learn the craft of drawing on nails, you need to stock up on tools. First time you can do with a minimal set: several colors of acrylic paints, nail polish, brushes of different sizes, toothpicks, a liquid for removing the coating and a clear varnish for fixing the manicure.

Для рисования акриловыми красками рекомендуется выбирать кисточки с синтетическим ворсом.

Drawing on nails with acrylic paints you need step by step. The first thing to do is apply the substrate, it needs to be allowed to dry thoroughly, then create the desired pattern with acrylic, dry and coat with a fixer. It is worth saying that each master in manicure himself chooses a tool with which it is convenient to apply a drawing. Someone does it with a thin brush, others prefer a cotton swab or improvised means. Ideally, you need to have several imaging devices. This will enable you to work through the small details in the drawing, if necessary.

Those people who just master the technique of drawing, must adhere to the rule – the smaller and simpler the pattern, the better. Even with the help of multi-colored dots, applied to the nail plate, you can create a unique pattern. For example, you can draw a flower. For this, the nail is covered with a base lacquer of any shade, if desired. When it dries, you need to put 5-6 points of a different color so that they form a circle, and in its middle add another contrasting drop. Get a floral motif.

If you cover the nail with a dark lacquer, for example, a black hue, and draw small dots of gold, white and yellow from above, you will get a starry sky. By the way, such drawings look harmonious and stylish both on long and short nails. A simple and beautiful drawing can be created by mixing acrylic paints directly on the nails. To do this, cover the nail plate with the base lacquer, allow it to dry. Then, from above, put a few different colored droplets with acrylic paints, take a toothpick and mix the dots together. You can do this in some sequence, for example, by depicting a spiral, or chaotically. Even the abstraction in such a performance will look attractive and unrepeatable.

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