Acne on the skin: how to relieve redness

Acne on the skin: how to relieve redness
Redness with acne occurs in several cases. If the pimple is inflamed, when an unsuccessful face cleaning was performed, in the event that it was time to cork. Therefore, you need to fight redness in many ways. Before you perform the procedure to remove redness of the skin, you need to understand what caused it. If the reddening appeared on an even, clean area of ??the skin, most likely there was a blockage of the pores, and inside it formed a bag with sebum. He presses on the epidermis, which caused redness. In this case, you need to make it so that it's time to open, and the contents come out.

For this, the following procedure is performed: the skin of the face is treated with a scrub. Then the chamomile or a turn is made. The face is held over the steam for ten to fifteen minutes. After this, very gently you need to put pressure on the place of redness. If a tight rod came out, it means everything is in order, it was possible to liquidate the blockage. After that, the place of redness should be treated with alcohol lotion and wipe your face with a piece of ice – the redness will immediately fall off.

Combating redness is helped by ordinary vasoconstrictive drops in the nose. It is necessary to put a little on a cotton swab and apply to the reddened patch of skin.

Если лицо покраснело в результате механической чистки, то справиться с этим поможет комплекс процедур. Во-первых, на кожу нужно наложить специальную охлаждающую маску. Это силиконовая накладка, которая держится в холодильнике. Внутренняя ее сторона смазывается противовоспалительным гелем и накладывается на лицо. Если такого приспособления нет, его можно заменить обычным полотенцем. Но оно быстро нагревается от тепла тела, поэтому лучше поставить рядом с собой тарелку со льдом и время от времени смачивать ледяной талой водой полотенце. Эта процедура вызовет отток крови, а также поможет сузить поры.

Masks based on white clay perfectly restore the natural complexion. They relieve inflammation and cope well with redness.

In the event that the redness on the skin appeared as a result of the appearance of inflammation of the pimple, it will pass only when pus comes out. It is not recommended to extrude the pimple by yourself, it is possible to infect the skin of the face. It is better to wait for the contents to come out, and before that time to treat the reddened area with disinfectant disinfectants. Excellent broth chamomile – it has an anti-inflammatory and whitening effect.

With any redness, there are general recommendations that will help make the skin healthier. This application of light creams and emulsions with tea tree oil, as well as containing salicylic acid. They have antibacterial and restoring effect.

One of the most powerful folk remedies against redness is the use of fluorine-containing paste. It dries the place of inflammation and effectively fights bacteria. But the use of the paste is not always worth it. It can only be used as an emergency, when redness needs to be removed urgently. The fact is that the paste dries heavily the skin, and with prolonged use, peeling may begin.

A mask of talc and hydrogen peroxide will help to remove the redness. It must be applied point-by-point, to places of inflammation and redness.

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