Acne on the face: causes, treatment and prevention

Acne on the face: causes, treatment and prevention
Acne rash on the face is a problem that is mostly popular among young people. Some of them are just sure that the whole thing is in the so-called hormonal storms occurring in their body, and believe that with age, pimples themselves will disappear.


In the age of the case?

Partly. Acne really disappears with age, but not at all. There are people who constantly suffer from unpleasant rashes on the face and throughout the body. Moreover, their problem not only does not disappear with time, but is also exacerbated with even greater force.

Especially bad is for those who have ill-fated acne appear on the face. After all, for example, rashes on the shoulders, on the back and even on the chest – this is a problem that, if not solved, then at least cover up with clothes. The face can not be wrapped in rags.

Pimples on the face. Causes

To make the trip to the solution of this problem as effective as possible, it is necessary to find out why acne originates. Here is a list of the main factors by which acne (acne) appears not only in adolescents, but also in adults:

  • abuse of alcohol, smoking or drugs;
  • adolescence with concomitant hormonal activity;
  • use of cosmetics not suitable for this type of skin;
  • malnutrition (eg, eating foods containing GMOs);
  • occurrence of permanent stressful situations.

The above reasons – this is, perhaps, the main provocateurs of hated acne on the face and entire body of a person. Accordingly, to reduce acne on the face to a minimum, you need to change your lifestyle for the better.

Proper nutrition is a guarantee of health and beauty!

The diet of proper nutrition is the first step on the road to health, while the wrong diet has a direct effect on the appearance of the person. The fact is that the substances contained in food, after eating, get into the blood, taking a direct part in the metabolism. This, in turn, either goes to the person for good, or manifests itself in the form of permanent acne and, that's a sin to conceal, in the form of new fat deposits on the sides. But that is another story.

Visit to the doctor

If you can not adjust your menu yourself, you should contact a dietician who will help you make an individual diet. The doctor will advise you to exclude (or minimize) acute and fatty foods, sweets, alcohol and coffee. Who knows, maybe this is the reason for the appearance of acne on the face.

Calm, only calm!

It is important to understand that any stressful situation does not pass without a trace for the human body. In particular, it affects the skin: its color becomes unhealthy, wrinkles and acne appear. There are many problems, and they arise constantly. Nevertheless, you need to pull yourself together and calm down. Stress destroys not only the nerve cells, but also the face!

One should treat problems with infinite optimism and, most importantly, with healthy self-irony. Do not lose courage and "bury" your sense of humor, because a smile is often a more effective "medicine" in the fight against acne than the various hormonal creams of directed action.

To the cosmetician for advice or council!

Girls and women are constantly surrounded by some kind of tubes, jars, pencils, shadows. Perhaps the reason for the hated acne on the face is hidden in the wrong chosen makeup. To solve this problem you need to make an appointment with a cosmetologist. He will help to determine the type of skin and will pick up the optimal cosmetics that will not make her fatty, clog pores and, accordingly, cause an allergic reaction in the form of acne.

How else to get rid of acne on the face?

  1. It is necessary to train yourself to wash yourself in the morning without soap, and in the evening – with soap and a special soft preparation that does not dry the skin.
  2. Once a week you need to use a home scrub for your face. It can be purchased both in the cosmetic department and found in your kitchen: an excellent scrub is ground coffee or soda. Before applying it, the face needs to be steamed well. The product will allow clogged pores to open, allowing easy cleaning of the skin. If the skin on the face is strongly inflamed, then it is necessary to forget about the scrub for a while.
  3. You should drink as much water as possible (no soda, no beer, no cocktails). The fact is that it is water that removes from the body various slags, decay products and other toxins that shamelessly pollute the human body.
  4. Adolescent boys who suffer from acne should shave more often. The razor blades can injure the top layer of the skin, which leads to the erasure of dirt and other accumulations, and also opens the pores and saturates them with moisture.

In a healthy body healthy mind!

No wonder they say that a healthy spirit exists only in a healthy body. To get rid of acne on the face, you must try to rid yourself of bad habits (smoking, alcohol, improper nutrition) or at least reduce them to a minimum. If possible, go in for sports, for example, regular jogging in the fresh air, swimming, yoga.

What can not be done in the fight against acne

You can not squeeze them out! This must be forgotten once and for all. Such radical methods of acne removal on the face and on the body are fraught with the risk of additional infection entering the skin and into the blood, which can provoke more serious inflammation, the appearance of scars and scars, and in some cases a fatal outcome from blood infection.


To prevent new acne eruptions, it is recommended to cleanse your skin regularly at specialists-cosmetologists. If you want to do this in the home conditions, then you need to do it carefully, following all recommendations and, of course, sterility. Otherwise, it may happen that only one pimple carelessly squeezed out at home will become a hotbed of rather serious problems.

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