About what our nails say

About what our nails say
The appearance of nails can tell a lot about the state of human health. Ideal nails have the color of the skin of hands, a solid structure, smooth and smooth surface, clearly defined wells. Abnormalities can indicate the presence of any disease and serve as an excuse to see a doctor.

First of all nails signal about a lack in an organism of nutrients, vitamins and microcells. In particular, the transverse white bands talk about protein deficiency, brittle, dry and layered nails – a sign of lack of calcium and B vitamins, and the presence of vertical grooves or white dots may be a symptom of iron deficiency anemia.

When there are health problems, the цвет ногтей. Так, белый может свидетельствовать о заболеваниях печени и малокровии, желтый оттенок говорит о грибковом поражении ногтевой пластины, наличии в организме инфекции, в том числе дыхательных путей, сахарном диабете, а синий и красный – о недостаточном насыщении крови кислородом и возможных заболеваниях сердечно-сосудистой системы. Вместе с тем на цвет ногтей влияют и другие факторы: курение, стрессы, прием лекарственных препаратов, средства бытовой химии и т.д., и эти обстоятельства следует учитывать, оценивая оттенок ногтевой пластины.

Disturbances in the work of body systems are also reflected in the shape and texture of the nails. For example, if they are too brittle, women should pay attention to the thyroid gland and ovaries, visit a gynecologist and check the hormonal background. A hollow or undulating surface of the nail, as well as multiple pinholes, may be one of the first symptoms of psoriasis or arthritis. Transverse grooves often accompany problems with the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas.

On the state of health, you can judge by the nail holes. Their thinning or disappearance on little fingers говорит о нарушениях работы тонкого кишечника, на безымянных пальцах – о неправильном обмене веществ, на средних – о заболеваниях кровеносной системы, на указательных – о проблемах в половой сфере. Тонкие лунки на больших пальцах свидетельствуют о физическом и психическом переутомлении.

However, despite the link between the appearance of the nails and the state of health, it should be remembered that most often serious diseases are detected by other more characteristic symptoms, and changes in color, shape and structure of the nail plate are manifested later. And still, if there are problems with the nails, it is advisable to consult a doctor and undergo a medical examination in order to eliminate the cause of the disease and prevent its development.

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