A video course of laying short hair

A video course of laying short hair
Many believe that laying long hair is easier than short. After all, and more options for modeling hair. But the owner of a short haircut, too, wants to look feminine, stylish and creative. To do this, you need to know a few secrets. There is nothing more seductive in a woman than luxurious hair, falling on her shoulders with playful curls. Boast it can owners of smart hair. And what tricks to resort to lovers of short haircuts, to also excite the perfection of styling?

Probably, no woman will dispute the fact that it takes time, a lot of work and skills to look the best. And the most part of the spent forces is allocated to styling and modeling of a hairdress. After all, it is due to the condition of the hair that you can be seen as "groomed to the tips of your nails" or "untidy gray mouse".

Поэтому не стоит при наличии короткой стрижки «вычеркивать» из списка по уходу за собой укладку волос. К тому же, зная несколько простых приемов, можно превратить эту процедуру в приятный творческий процесс.

All that is usually required to make the hair well-groomed, there is almost every girl, a woman who watches her appearance. It is a hair dryer with various nozzles, a round brush, a comb with occasional teeth, curling iron, an iron for straightening hair, hair curlers, styling aids.

If you have short hair, you are not prohibited even pigtails. To do this, divide the entire volume of hair into a straight parting and braid the two braids that converge on the back of the head. Secure the braid with a miniature hair clip.

The entire list of listed hair styling tools is completely optional. But the presence of such will provide you with the maximum opportunities for modeling a hairstyle. After all, having in the arsenal of many different attachments, you can every day appear in a new image. But do not forget that abuse of them can lead to loss of hair health.

So, taking into account the current state of the hair, their structure and their own character, you can proceed to fitting the images. A hairstyle, like a person, has its own character and mood.

The image of "boy-sorbanets" is suitable for a relaxed, romantic and unpredictable person. During the laying, cosmetic wax is used. It must be carefully kneaded and warmed up in hands. Next, apply the product on strands of hair, additionally drying them with a hair dryer, so the fixation will be even stronger. Then, with light fast movements of your fingers, ruffle your hair. This is exactly what you need to achieve an image, and to gain a characteristic mood.

It is very important to correctly measure the amount of cosmetic wax for styling. So, to model hair from short hair, the amount of the drug will be the size of a pea.

The image of "Lady" implies the laying of hair in a strict order. It does not matter, man's you have a haircut or "kare". The rule is one: even parting, no loose strands – hair to the hair. In creating this image a round brush is used, if you have a perfect haircut "kare" or "bob-kare", and a soft brush if you have a masculine haircut. The main means of laying is a gel or mousse. Hair carefully place a round brush under the hair dryer in the case of "kare", or brush it with a soft brush with the use of a gel "man style".

Образ «на каждый день» не займет много времени и навыков, а также не потребует особой фантазии. Для этого сначала вымойте волосы. Далее нанесите на влажные волосы немного моделирующей пены. Подсушивая феном, придавайте волосам объем, поднимая корни. Это несложно: специальной круглой щеткой вытягивайте прядь за прядью в нужном направлении, приподнимая их у корней. По окончании укладки закрепите результат лаком слабой фиксации, чтобы не утяжелить прическу и сохранить естественность прядей.

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