A snub nose is a defect or a feature?

A snub nose is a defect or a feature?
The snub nose is more a feature than a defect, and attractive. Most Hollywood divas have snub nose and not all this gift is natural. And those who consider this a defect, you can turn to a professional make-up artist for help. A slightly upturned little nose at all times was considered a sign of lightheadedness and maiden charm. There is still debate on this issue today. Someone considers this as a defect and tries in every possible way to divert attention from this part of the face, and someone is proud of this gift and considers it a feature, a sort of "zest" that you do not need to hide, but, on the contrary, only emphasize. But, of course, everything depends on how the owner of the nose of this form refers to this: if it is considered a defect, so will the people around him and vice versa.

What noses are in fashion

Today, everything is in the grip of the ubiquitous fashion, and she did not overlook the part of her body like her nose. And if everyone used to look at their straight, thin noses with a slightly noticeable hump, looking for signs of aristocratism, today one can observe a general fashion for snub nose, as evidenced by the numerous Hollywood stars such as Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Nicole Kidman and others . Do not lag behind and the Russian stars of film and show business, and find out whether the natural shape of the nose or the result of rhinoplasty, is no longer possible.

In general, if the spout is in harmony with all the other facial features – it does not bulge, does not protrude far and takes up a good part of the face, its shape can be considered ideal, which should be proud. But those who still continue to suffer from the shortcomings of their nose, it remains only to trust the plastic surgeon or arm themselves with a brush, powder and foundation and begin to improve their appearance.

Can I hide my snub nose with makeup

Of course, only a professional can do this make-up, only the master knows, how to use the game of light and shadow for good, and not to harm, where to add brilliance, and where the dark proofreader. For example, using a light tone you can make the nose less prominent, and lengthen and narrow the shape will help a dark corrector, put on the wings of the nose and its tip. Distractions from the center of the face can be done by correcting the cheekbones and chin. Done the effect created by a specially selected hairdo: the owners of a snub nose should choose a haircut, the lines of which coincide with the curve of the nose.

It is better to wear a lush mid-length hairstyle with tips pointing upwards. With proper feeding, an upturned nose can only brighten a woman. The most notable example was the great Marilyn Monroe, a woman whom men worshiped and considered a model of beauty and charm.

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