A simple and affordable way of eyebrow correction

A simple and affordable way of eyebrow correction
Make eyebrows beautiful with correction. There are several ways of this procedure, but the most effective is the correction of eyebrows threads, Europeans call this method of tridding. Despite the fact that eyebrow correction appeared in the ancient times, in the East and India the tridding is very popular to this day. Result of correction eyebrow floss remains for a very long time, approximately, 3 weeks. With the help of a thread it is possible to remove not only superfluous hairs, but also "fluff" around the main line of growth of eyebrows. In addition, the skin can be cleaned from the dead skin cells.

The main advantage of this method is the speed of the procedure, but there are several positive advantages:

– there is no risk of infecting the infection, as this can happen when corrected with tweezers;
– волосяные луковицы не портятся, что предотвращает появление вросшего волоса;
– через несколько процедур волоски становятся более мягкими и приобретают тонкую структуру;
– correction of the thread allows you to simultaneously get rid of a few hairs;
– после процедуры нет раздражения кожи;
– due to the absence of redness of the skin, this correction can be done for some time before the release.

Correction of eyebrows with the help of a thread for many is a novelty, therefore it is carried out exclusively in beauty salons. But even at home it can be done quickly and simply, the main thing is to know some subtleties.

Для начала процедуры вам нужно подготовить нить, специалисты чаще всего используют арабскую хлопчатобумажную нить, так как она обладает повышенной прочностью. Несмотря на все плюсы, коррекция бровей нитью является весьма болезненной так же, как и коррекция пинцетом, но после выполнения нескольких процедур чувствительность кожи значительно снизится.

If your skin around the eyebrows is thin enough and sensitive to external stimuli, before the procedure begins on its surface, you can put ice, a warm swab or use a softening eye cream.

To remove hair floss you were most comfortable, wash your makeup beforehand and take care of good lighting. It is also necessary to have a small magnifying mirror and a cosmetic pencil. If you know which form of eyebrow suits you best, use a pencil to fix the line. If you are not sure with the correctness of the choice of the form for your eyebrows, you must choose a line using special equipment.

Take any long pencil and attach it vertically at the wing of the nose, the point of intersection of the top edge of the pencil with the eyebrow is the mark with which the eyebrow line should begin. Those hairs that are located beyond this mark (closer to the bridge of the nose) will need to be removed.

To determine the highest eyebrow current, attach a pencil to the wing of the nose, then position it so that a line that passes through the outer boundary of the iris is formed. The mark of the intersection of the pencil with the eyebrow is the highest point of the line. To determine the correct location of the tip of the eyebrow, you must also attach a pencil to the wing of the nose and direct it through the outer corner of the eye. Beyond the point of intersection of the pencil with the eyebrow line should not continue.

It should be noted that the thickness of the eyebrow from the base to the high point should be unchanged, but the tip should narrow.

When you determine the right line of your eyebrows, you can proceed with correction. If before the procedure you moisturize sensitive skin at the eyebrows with ice or cream, you need to wipe the hairs with a cosmetic napkin so that they do not stick together. Take a thread about fifty centimeters long and connect its ends with a knot, then twist the thread so that two loops form. With index fingers and thumbs, take the thread from the inside, when the fingers of one hand will part, then in the other hand the loop will decrease.

With a small loop, you need to grab excess hairs and make a sharp movement from the bridge of the nose to the temple, while the loop with the hairs needs to be increased with your fingers. As a rule, in place of the removed hairs through 2-3 weeks, new ones grow, so the correction should be done once a month. Over time, the hairs will grow slowly, which will allow you to perform the procedure even less.

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