A few tips on how to make curls ironing

A few tips on how to make curls ironing
Fashion is changeable. In one epoch it was fashionable to wear curvy wigs, in the other – to make short haircuts, some time ago it was believed that straight hair – this is great and very relevant, and now the ladies curl curls and create curvy locks with various improvised means. Preheat the iron. Stand in front of the mirror and use a comb to separate the hair strand (if you are uncomfortable using a comb, you can separate the strands with your fingers). A small thin strand (about 5 cm wide) is clamped with an iron in the middle, turn it to 360 degrees so that the strand is wrapped around the tongs. Hold the forceps parallel to the floor and slowly lower them down.

When the pincers reach the end of the strand, dissolve the loop from the hair. You will see that a wonderful wide curl appeared on the spot of the strand. In this way, make the right amount of curls all over your head. In the finale, the hair should be lifted up and fastened with lacquer, so the hair will look more expressive.

Before using ironing, apply a special hair preservative to the hair, which undergoes heat treatment.

Если вы хотите покрыть кудрями абсолютно всю голову, то приподнимите волосы на макушке и закрепите их на затылке с помощью заколки. Начинайте делать кудри с нижней части волос и только после этого занимайтесь волосами с макушки. Это позволит увеличить объем вашей прически и основательнее проработать каждый участок головы. Пожалуй, для создания пышной кудрявой шевелюры вам понадобится ассистент, т.к. завить волосы на затылке самостоятельно может быть проблематично.

Before curling each new strand necessarily retreat from the sampling of centimeters 5-8 (if you need more).

Curls ironing can be done in another way. Wash your hair. Slightly dry, it is important that the hair is moist. Separate strands, weave them in pigtails. The braids should be thick enough (about 3 cm in width). Cover the whole head with pigtails (it can all come from 7 to 12 braids). Cover each pigtail with a fixing gel. Wait until it is slightly absorbed and dried.

Preheat the iron. Warm each pigtail, gradually pressing it with forceps from the base to the tip. Unbond the braids one by one. You will see that you have turned out neat curls. The end result will depend on the natural characteristics of your hair. Thin hair starts to get stronger, thicker, but hair will still curl along the entire length, resembling natural curls.

Way the third. Wash your hair, dry it. Before curling, apply a special protective agent on the hair. Take a long pencil, separate one strand and wind it on a pencil. While holding the strand on the pencil, start warming the hair from the base to the tips, pressing it with forceps every 5-10. See the tongs in both directions. During this curl curls will turn out to be very small. Make curls in front of the head will not make any problems, you will manage yourself. In order to curl the hair on the back of your neck, you definitely need an assistant.

With this method of curling, you need to be attentive to the tips of your hair. Do not leave them straight – it may look ugly, so try to wind the strand on the pencil until the very end. Press forceps with the same force over the entire length of the strand.

Combing the curls obtained by the first method is not recommended (they can simply disintegrate). Those who use the second and third methods will be able to comb the resulting curls. This will make your hair style extraordinarily voluminous and fluffy. Do not forget to put your hair after combing, fix it with invisibility. If necessary, use hair spray.

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