A few tips on dental care

A few tips on dental care
Who does not dream of healthy and white teeth? After all, nothing acts on others as disarmingly as a Hollywood smile. So, turning your teeth into a series of pearls is pretty simple – you should just revisit your daily care and master some simple recommendations.

Naturally, the most important point in dental care is daily thorough cleansing two or even three times a day. Teeth and oral cavity should be cleaned after every meal, as in a warm and humid environment, bacteria and acidity begin to multiply actively, which destroy the teeth and gums. Помимо всего прочего, от чистоты полости рта It depends health of the whole digestive tract and body generally. Choose a brush of moderate stiffness, but not too soft – in the first case, the gums will be damaged and inflamed, and in the second – the plaque from the bacteria will remain on the teeth.

So, how is it necessary to brush your teeth? Many are accustomed to simply actively carry out on the surface teeth several times with a brush, randomly directing her to different side. In fact, the front teeth should be cleaned strictly from top to bottom, as if by "sweeping" movements, and after that, circular movements gum mass. The chewing surface of the teeth should be cleaned with horizontal and circular movements, paying special attention to the indentations inside the teeth.

Be sure to get a floss – any, even the most thorough cleaning without the use of dental floss will be useless, because the bacteria will continue to multiply between the teeth, forming caries and unpleasant yellow spots. Flosses come from both special rough materials with harder and more lean tips, and ordinary threadlike ones, folded into a special skein. You can select floss based on their own habits and amenities.

In general, the process cleansing teeth should take at least two and a half minutes – only after that you can be sure that you have thoroughly cleaned the oral cavity. Do not forget about the language – on its rough surface can also accumulate microbes, which can safely migrate to the surface of the teeth. If your tongue is comfortable with any cleaning procedures, just clean it with your own brush. If he is quite sensitive, get him a separate, more soft. Also now in shops it is possible to find a great variety of brushes with a special cleaning side for language.

Choose a soft and non-aggressive mouthwash for daily use – too aggressive (for example, with a high alcohol content), the rinse aid can somewhat aggravate the situation by violating the natural acid-base balance in your mouth.

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