A few tips for choosing a foundation for a dry skin type

A few tips for choosing a foundation for a dry skin type
When selecting any cosmetic products, it is important to focus on the type of skin. This rule also applies to foundation. Such a tool should suit a woman in texture, hue, density, and if the skin is dry, the cream should not stress and enhance the dryness of the skin. The tonal cream for dry skin should be nutritious. It is important that this cosmetic product has a moisturizing effect, and does not enhance the peeling. Ideally, you need to find a cream with the content of oils, which will relieve the skin of the effect of tightness.

When choosing a tonal remedy for dry skin type, it is worth paying attention to cosmetics with a water-helium base. This category includes the popular today BB-creams. They not only smooth out the shade of the skin, but also moisturize it, take care, hiding the smallest shortcomings.

When choosing a foundation, remember that it should be applied to a dry skin with a fine-pored sponge. Best of all, if the sponge will be wet, so the tone will look natural.

Optimum will be suitable for dry skin and a foundation with hyaluronic acid content. This intensively moisturizing component will help to retain moisture. Therefore, the skin will look elastic.

Если кожа не только сухая, но и чувствительная, нужно искать тональное средство с максимально натуральным составом. Крем должен содержать витамины – А и Е, которые дополнительно питают эпидермис. В составе не должны быть вредные вещества – ланолин, октил пальмитат, бутил стеарат. Приветствуется наличие экстрактов трав – ромашки, алоэ вера, микроэлементов. Хорошее увлажнение подарят такие ингредиенты косметики – минеральная и термальная вода.

Dry skin is prone to early aging, its signs are fine wrinkles, expressed in small pores. Therefore, it is important to buy a make-up tonal cream with a light texture. It will be easily distributed on the skin without clogging the pores and without making more pronounced wrinkles.

A beautiful tone will ensure the use of foundation for face with special optical particles. They make the dry skin radiant, as a result of which it looks moisturized. Typically, for tonal funds intended for dry skin, a small amount of coloring pigments is characteristic. Therefore, when doing makeup, this point should be taken into account.

To the layer of foundation was thin, the product did not accumulate in wrinkles, nasolabial folds, on the dry skin, it is necessary to thoroughly shade the mass. Apply the cream in the direction from the chin to the forehead.

A quality foundation for dry skin is not always expensive. But when buying, be sure to pay attention to reviews about the product, brand. For winter, it is worth buying a special foundation with caring, protective components. It helps to protect the delicate skin from wind and frost. For the summer choose cosmetics with protection from ultraviolet, it will avoid overdrying, loss of moisture.

When buying a foundation for dry skin, you need to adhere to the general rules. So, it is better to give preference to the agent in a vial of glass with a dispenser. The cream will be more economical to spend, not contacting with the environment. It will not get germs, which will ensure a long life of cosmetics. The product must be used only before the expiration date.

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