A few easy ways to get rid of cellulite

A few easy ways to get rid of cellulite
Cellulite is a real problem for some women. It is noticed that he appears not only in full ladies, but also in quite slender individuals. Cellulite resembles an orange peel, which appears mainly on the hips, the pope, the waist and even on the hands. You can get rid of cellulite both at home and by visiting a masseur.

The first thing you need to do is stick to a diet. Cellulite appears from malnutrition. Try to eat only boiled food or steamed dishes. From sausages and other "delicacies" is better to refuse, as they provoke a metabolic disorder. Twice a week, arrange unloading days, during which you drink only dairy products and eat fruit.

Перед сном принимайте горячую ванну с добавлением морской соли и эфирного масла лимона. Морская соль улучшает состояние кожи и способствует рассасыванию целлюлита. Для усиления эффективности от тепловых процедур делайте и пилинг проблемных зон измельченной солью.

Honey is also good for carrying out anti-cellulite procedures. Apply it to the steamed skin and massage. Caution, there may be pain and bruising. But gradually side effects will stop bothering you, the main thing is to continue to conduct regular procedures.

For washing, use a special anti-cellulite washcloth or sponge. After cleansing procedures, apply a cream that is designed to radically combat the orange peel. Buy it you can in the store, in which there are similar products.

Take vitamin complexes and exercise every day. If you have some free time, sign up for a swimming pool or a gym. Gradually, your skin will be leveled, and the layer of subcutaneous fat will decrease. If this does not happen, contact the masseur. With the help of a special massage course, cellulite will leave you, but you can not say that forever. Only with the right and rational nutrition there is a chance that the orange peel will not appear again.

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