8 tips on how to look younger than your years

8 tips on how to look younger than your years
How to look younger than their years? This question is asked by women around the world, regardless of the level of education, income and marital status. The desire to look younger than their years does not correlate directly with age, and it's been years since 30, sometimes without any apparent reason.

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  • We must pay tribute to the mass culture and the development of public consciousness: the 30-year anniversary is no longer the one beyond which the "girl" automatically turns into a "woman" and "departs". As the age limits for the creation of a family and the birth of children shift, our understanding of the age in which youth is replaced by maturity is also expanding. And, nevertheless, the figure "30" acts in many magical ways, forcing to start "in all serious", just to look younger than their years.
  • Closer to 40 years the question "How to look younger than their years?" Takes on a more relevant sound, as the age signs are becoming more apparent, and the accumulated fatigue makes itself felt.
  • The desire to look younger than their years is a natural desire of any woman, because confidence in one's own attractiveness is an important component of self-esteem. Unfortunately, time spares no one, and it's simply impossible to look at 25 in 50, but looking at 10-15 years younger than your real age is an achievable goal.
Learn the art of make-up

If you have not used makeup before, now is not the time to start. Many women who want to look younger than their age, will make the same beauty mistake – they start to brighten up brightly. First, a sharp change of image will draw attention to changes in your appearance, involuntarily forcing acquaintances to look more closely at your face. Secondly, a bright make-up in saturated, dark colors – namely for some reason women choose "for …" – visually adds age.

Do not be afraid to look "gray mouse"- light, pastel shades of lipstick, shadows and powder will give your image of freshness and youth. Dark and rich shades of lipstick and shadows leave for solemn occasions and evening parties. A light mother-of-pearl in make-up, when appropriate in the situation, will also play into your hands.

Caring for the lips – nourish and moisturize them, if necessary, use special lip scrubs. Humidified smooth lips are one of the great ways to fool age.

Choose a shade of lipstick that fits your type of appearance, if it has not already been done. The older you become, the more expensive the beauty mistakes are.

Pay special attention to the shape and color of the eyebrows. A well-chosen form will help you refresh and lighten the image and look younger than your real age. Too broad or too thin eyebrows are equally unsuccessful in terms of anti-aging makeup. Try to find the golden mean yourself or with the help of a beautician.

If you use tonal means, discard funds with a dense texture in favor of more liquid, and replace the compact powder with crumbly powder. Rolling in wrinkles, tonal funds with a dense texture will only emphasize your age, but will not hide pigment spots and other manifestations of age-related skin changes.

Hair color and haircut

There are two common opinions as to whether, what hair should be in women of age. It is believed that with age, the color of the hair should become lighter, and the haircut is shorter. The first is partly true, but the second – with great stretch.

In fact, if you want to look younger than your years, refuse to dye your hair in tones that are darker than your natural color. Trying to repaint yourself in a blonde is often a wrong decision. First, with age, hair becomes weaker, fragile and vulnerable, grow more slowly and fall out more, and blonding is a rather aggressive procedure. Why expose your hair to this stress? Secondly, as we have already said, sharp changes in appearance only attract attention to age-related changes.

If you want to lighten up, then do it gradually, no more than 1-2 tone is lighter for one color. Try to play with tones and color, perhaps, the bronzing or other technique of non-uniform coloring will be an excellent alternative to full clarification.

As for the length of the hair, a short haircut will not help you look younger than your years, but rather on the contrary, will emphasize the age. If you have walked with long hair all your life, and in 40 you suddenly cut them under the square, then you give a very clear signal to those around you: "I think that I am no longer young, now I can only walk with short hair." You really want this? Look at Hollywood actresses aged 45 and older: many of them switched to a short haircut?

Another reason for a long haircut: the ability to divert attention from the neck, which first gives the age of a woman. If you want to look younger, do not cut short, especially if your neck already bears time stamps, the face of the face "poppols" and a second chin appears.

A short haircut can be justified, perhaps, only in the case when the condition of hair with age has deteriorated sharply, and a neat truncated haircut helps to hide it.

Work on the look

You may be surprised, but often the look prevents you from looking younger than your years. All life experience – positive and negative – is reflected in your eyes and on the face as a whole. Look at your youthful photos. What do you see? Careless, mischievous, not clouded by the problems look "with sparks." Of course, it's hard to look at the world with the eyes of an 20-year-old girl in 40 years, but try not to frown at least, just smile a little, as if dreaming about something beautiful. If such a youthful view is given to you hard, at first practice in front of the mirror. Over time, you will get used to, and others will certainly notice changes in your appearance.

Go to "you" with the sun

If you want to look younger than your years, give up hiking in the solarium and limit sunburn in the natural rays of the sun. First, the tan makes you older purely visually, and secondly, the UV rays dry the skin, which already has problems with collagen production and moisture retention due to age-related changes.

Take for yourself the rule not to appear on the street without sunscreen and, if possible, headgear. If the summer and the beach for you are synonymous, then get a sunscreen with the maximum level of protection, a hat with wide margins and a beach umbrella and visit the beach only with such an "outfit".

Pay attention to skin condition

The second thing you need to work on if you want to look younger than your years is the condition of your skin. It is better to take care of the skin in adolescence, but if you still perceive your appearance and your skin for granted, then it's still never too early to start. First, you need to choose the means for basic skin care that best suits you. Sometimes even basic cleansing and moisturizing is enough to significantly improve the appearance.

Choose an anti-aging care, but do not seek to buy "half of the store": it does not mean better, and excess care can be no less harmful to the beauty of your skin than its total absence. Even if you do not have wrinkles and other visible signs of withering of the skin, you need to take care of it now, because the problem is always easier to prevent than to eliminate the consequences. Remember that the formation of wrinkles – the process is not lightning, so you are working on the lead.

For women who want to look younger than their years, regular sparing peelings – a cosmetic must have. The process of renewal of skin cells goes on constantly, but after 30 years the exfoliation of old cells slows down. Imagine furniture covered with a layer of dust – and the skin of your face looks gray and tarnished under a layer of unhealed cells. Regular use of soft peels and scrubs helps to activate the process of skin renewal and improve the flow of oxygen to the tissues.

Show strength of character and try not to fall victim to aggressive advertising, which imposes on women more procedures than is necessary in reality. If possible, find a good cosmetologist and get at least an individual consultation on skin care, if regular procedures are expensive for you. Until a certain age, home care is an adequate alternative to aesthetic cosmetology.
Get rid of excess weight

Here's a simple piece of advice on how to look younger than your years – get rid of excess weight if you have one. Every extra 5 kg is visually added about 5 years, so, dropping 10 kg, you can look younger than years on 10.

Finding the time to play sports in a busy schedule The work-family is often very difficult, but the elementary loads and changes in the diet will help you lose weight and come into tonus. Do you work in a high-rise building? Rise to your floor on the stairs, and not on the elevator. Office on the first floor? Park the car away from the office, get off the bus to a stop earlier or dine in a cafe not located in your business center.

Choose the right fragrance

If you want to look younger than your years, choose light, "young" flavors that suit your temperament. Pick up a quality persistent perfume with notes of citrus, herbal and light fruit notes. Too sweet spirits, like oriental compositions, are not recommended to you, so they add age.

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