8 simple ways to become beautiful and healthy

8 simple ways to become beautiful and healthy
A few simple ways, following which you can feel not only beautiful, but also healthy. A woman with a smile on her face and happiness in her eyes is the personification of beauty and health.

At all times women have sought beauty. Beauty could become an instrument for the acquisition of power, power, prosperity. Or a pledge of mutual love, admiration and simple female happiness. With the course of history, the standards of beauty have changed. Those magnificent, now thin, with magnificent curls or short haircuts, gentle young ladies or fatal beauties, they all strove for beauty by any means.

Corsets on whale whiskers, arsenic, chalk (dissolved in vinegar), blush, white – this is not the whole arsenal of beauty of a medieval fashionista. Today, in the modern world, drawing on the experience of many generations, it can be concluded that the invariable companion of the beauty of a woman is health. In the frenzied rhythm of today's life, you just need to give a minute for yourself to your beloved.

A modern woman can observe a balance of beauty and health, following simple rules:

Be confident in yourself. Believe in yourself, and success will not keep you waiting. Do your favorite thing. Do not wait for a lucky event, but create it.

Stop blaming yourself for your shortcomings. There are no shortcomings! It's just an illusion. In this regard, you can say this: we need to perceive people as they are – with everything good and bad. After all, for this good and bad, we love each other.

Watch for food. Eat often, about five times a day, in small portions. There is a need when you feel hungry, and not because it is appetizing and tasty. It is worth remembering that overeating leads to an increase in the stomach. In addition, it can provoke even greater problems that require medication. The quality of products, their freshness and naturalness is also an important factor in maintaining health. And for vitamins, minerals will receive a special thank you from your healthy body.

In general, forget about food for the night!

Do not get carried away with sweets!

Do not forget about the liquid. Water, juices, green tea – that's what the body can not fully function without. Since school days it is known that two liters of water per day is the norm for an adult.

We're moving! Do not be lazy to walk from work on foot, instead of elevating the stairs, and instead of a pub on the weekend – a walk in the park.

Sleep for 7 hours. Do not forget – one who worked well should have a good rest.

All this is not difficult at all, it does not require serious investments, lots of time. These are simple truths. Respect for yourself, for your health and peace of mind.

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