7 makeup mistakes after 35 years

7 makeup mistakes after 35 years
Even if you very carefully watch yourself, eat right and regularly make cosmetic procedures, improper make-up can easily add you a dozen years. Here are the seven most common mistakes made by women who survived their 35 anniversary.

Together with the age-related changes, the cosmetics we use must also change. Makeup artists advise with age to switch to a moisturizing foundation or cream with a tonal effect. They lie a more subtle layer and do not emphasize the appearance of small wrinkles.

With age, the skin darkens. This is due to the appearance of capillaries, enlarged pores and pigmented spots. Therefore, to make the skin lighter, pay attention to the means with fluorescent particles that reflect light.

The skin in the eye area grows old and begins to become covered with small wrinkles. They must be carefully masked. That the wrinkles were not so noticeable, the corrector, after its application, it is necessary to shade well.

At any age, an overabundance of powder is bad. Apply it should be zoned. Apply powder only in the area of ??the nose and chin, all other parts of the face, it gives a dry and flaky appearance.

After 35 years, you should stop your choice on lipstick of natural shades. Throw away all the bright and dark colors. With age, the lips become thinner, and the light shades of lipstick will help them, the lip glosses also work well, they also moisten the lips.

Makeup artists do not advise at any age to dye mascara with lower lashes because this underlines the dark circles under the eyes. But over time, eyelashes become discolored, and this also gives age, so one layer of mascara on the lower eyelashes does not hurt.

But from the lining of the lower eyelid is better to completely abandon. It reduces the eyes. Experiment with the upper eyelid. You can, for example, draw a thickening line to the outer corner of the eye.

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