7 inexpensive pharmacy products for hair

7 inexpensive pharmacy products for hair
In pursuit of shiny and strong hair, we often overpay for fashion brands and beautiful packaging. In fact, there is a huge amount of inexpensive funds that can be purchased in a regular pharmacy.

Essential oil of lavender. Adding a few drops to the air conditioner leads to easier combing of hair, while the hair remains clean for a long time. The lavender oil costs about 30 rubles.

Sulcene paste. It is designed to prevent and combat dandruff. It is also suitable for nourishing and stimulating hair growth. It is about 50 rubles.

Castor oil. Traditionally, they are used in folk medicine to strengthen hair and stimulate their growth. It can be added to nourishing hair masks or rubbed into the scalp.

Sea buckthorn oil. Used to combat hair loss. It is necessary to rub the scalp hot oil every day two hours before washing the hair. To enhance the effect, you can add dimexid to sea buckthorn oil (this is a drug that helps the vitamins penetrate deeper into the skin).

Репевит. Доступное и эффективное средство для укрепления волос и ускорения их роста. Содержит эфирные масла и экстракты трав. Стоит около 40 рублей.

Capsules Aevit. The oil mask visibly strengthens the hair. It is better to use in combination with lemon juice and dimexid.

Tincture of green pepper. It helps with hair loss and helps to grow long hair. Apply to the scalp, carefully rub and cover with a plastic cap. Can be combined with castor oil.

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